I suppose lately a lot of people are turning around and saying “Fuck it, we’re getting screwed over, lads. For years. By the people we vote for.” And voting for someone is really putting your trust into someone. You know! You wish they kept their promises and wished that power didn’t go straight into their heads and make them greedy. I truly believe that a government should be totally swapped out every 5 years. Totally new faces. And from totally different backgrounds. Kind of like prison officers get checked every 5 years fro their mental stability (if it is still ongoing, not sure). Maybe this way every single person would have someone to vote for they genuinely believe in to make a difference. Instead we take the worst possible case-scenario, the lesser of two evils and shrug- “Things will be grand. I’ll be old& possibly dead by the time shit hits the fan” But don’t you want the coming generations to enjoy life? To be free?

“You can’t polish a turd!”–“No, but you can roll it in glitter!”

First sentence- realistic, honest and truth. Second one makes you create a lie. And we, humans, are flippin great at creating lies.

Yes, I am big into conspiracy theories. Some days, though I think that maybe conspiracy theories are there to make us confused instead. But that’s just being paranoid. Then again- how can I be sure I’m paranoid over the right thing? I just don’t know what to believe these days. Is there one singular truth out there as an answer to everything? Things can be so relative. Every single human is so different to other that certain answers tend to vary. How will I find out what is best for me to believe?

It would be so easy to be ignorant towards all the troubles and possible catastrophes. Just be busy with my own little life, oblivious to the sense of impending doom. People who do think of all the possible wrong-goings usually draw up escape-plans. “what’s the nearest mountain when a giant wave comes?” or “What country shall we move to when everything goes to hell here?” (provided you will survive). “What will you do when the extra-terrestrials return and make contact?” – depends, right? They either want to kill you, in which case you probably haven’t a chance to fight back, or they come in peace (as they say) and you all live happily ever after. Heck- maybe they’ll even make you immortal if you carry their child… or whatever.

Some people certainly believe that aliens are already living among us. Opinions and theories are out there and of course I am not that ignorant NOT to believe in aliens. It would be so typically human of me to think we are the highest race in the WHOLE friggin Universe. Nope! I know there’s someone else out there. I just want to see what they look like and how they act and if they have been here before and are we just an experiment to them?

Also- believing in what the mainstream does not, just makes life more interesting. Heck- at least we are mentally prepared when Earth will be taken over by the “grey”. I just hope they call first, so we could prepare the welcoming party with “flying” paper-plates.