Why is it that an office worker simply can not function without coffee?

I swear, on Monday I filled my thermos with organic tea (just to feel good about trying to be good) and what a mistake it was. I couldn’t keep my eyes open after 2pm.

I remember teachers in basic school in Lelle coming to class and you could get a whiff of coffee off them. My mother used to wake the whole house up at 5.30am in winter mornings (the mornings during the dark period of year when sleep was the sweetest) with the super-loud coffee bean grinder.

And once you’re the “strong black coffee, some sugar” type, you tend to think people who put milk in theirs are pussies!

One tip- never drink strong black coffee on top of a hangover to wash down your cigarette. Your hands will start shaking so bad you will find it impossible to even tie your shoelaces and your ticker will definitely miss a bounce! Now, I do not smoke. Any more. For a good while. And I’m so proud of myself. If you, my reader, are contemplating on starting- Don’t! Don’t do it until you’re 65 and then puff like a chimney! And if you, my reader, are on the path of quitting- stay strong! I am ticking 9 months now and while I do get cravings I fight them and soon- you’ll be used to the habit of not grabbing for one, just like I got used to not smoking.

Like an office worker, Irish-man can never spend a day without having a mug of black tea with milk. Weirdest thing is- they never seem to get sick and tired of it either. Their tea-moments happen on the dot and when for some reason they can’t have their tea, they get withdrawals equivalent to the ones an A-class drug-addict would get! They refuse to act like normal people, talk or even acknowledge you until they have a piss-warm mug of tea+milk in their hand. Sorry, Irish, but I have met a few like this in my past work-place.

So- coffee! I used to want to be this grown up and drink coffee and be all “Word!” but now that I am all “Word!” (cause I am!) I hate being dependent on coffee. Those tiny little brown beans can mean so much! They change my world. They change my attitude in a matter of minutes. Plus- when you love your coffee, you want it to be high quality. Shit coffee is recognizable in a matter of a sip in a street-cafe or a restaurant that can’t be bothered to offer some real stuff.

So raise your mug and Chin-chin! Cheers! Na Zdarove! I sveikata! Slainte! Terviseks!