There comes a time in each of our lives when we settle down.

Men receive a lovely package of cooking/cleaning/companionship-lady and women gain a package “Double everything!” Men suddenly get this simplified life of being taken care of, while women have to double all various workloads-

  • keeping track of clothes to wash/iron for 2 (and before Him you never bothered to iron your own clothes, but hey once the iron is hot, you might as well. you also didn’t bother to watch the labels inside clothes to wash them correctly- women just know! but HIS jerseys and football shorts and tracksuits have labels with priceless information and By God if you didn’t read them!);
  • cooking for 2 (and now at least 3 times a day and a woman HAS to make sure the Other half has lunch ready for them in an easily accessible/visible place ready to heat up in a certain dish, with instructions on how to use the oven taped to the tin-foil because otherwise they will ring/text you to get those instructions);
  • cleaning now not only your make-up and books/magazines but also your partners power-tools, the trail of Absolutely Everything they leave behind them when moving from A to B; from cardboard boxes to weird plastic wrappers in which the Man received another Thingy for the garage and from used dishes in each and every room of the house to every category of clothing. They leave things behind them because it’s what the Manly Man does.

Women do all this, I do all this and you know- I wouldn’t have it any other way! Women  are there to take care of men and men are there to take care of everything else. Old fashioned? Maybe. But feels right.

Recently I had a chat with another man who is very dear to me, my brother 🙂 and we discussed how two people, when in relationship (or in fact more people in a family) can co-exist and the answer was simple as that- one cannot be selfish to be in those relationships happily. You have to be willing to give and give and give endlessly without expecting anything in return and the moment you realize this relationship is in fact True and Sincere is when you receive back without asking and know you receive without the label of IOU.

Sometimes, though women want more than men do. It is very straight-forward for men, they need very little to be content whereas women Want. Women need. Women start demanding. And not demanding with straight words, but we start demanding “in between the lines” and wish that our men had psychic powers to read the true meaning of our given clues. Men say “If you want something, ask for it!” But Women don’t want to ask their men to bring them flowers or to ask them out for a date (even if they have been together for 20 years) because women feel if they need to ask for those things then what’s the point? Does it never occur to men to do those things? No. And that’s why we are men and women. Two different elements. If men had the same mental structure as women the world would fall apart because it is men who have the potential to stay strong and keep their two feet planted when the shit hits the fan. We all have our roles. It is best for us to accept those differences and be who we are.

Every woman nags. I nag. Sometimes. Not too often, I’d like to hope. I recently read a quote which said “Couples who don’t argue don’t do so, because they don’t care” … Well, that’s putting all the shit down the same toilet (I say “shit” because that’s how I feel about humans generally, even though I am so overly optimistic in the last few years; no offence to the very few friends I have out there)… I think some people also don’t argue because they don’t want sour feelings in between each other and some people argue to “keep things interesting”, like my parents used to claim. Sometimes when woman does want to argue, the man just ignores because it is easier to stay shut than start a fucking WW III, but he is still starting the WW III because women want answers. Women want to screw this invisible stake as deep into his soul as possible, because he NEEDS to understand how hurt she feels. What women more than often don’t realise or want to admit is the fact- men switch women out. When a female is yelling and kicking and screaming at a man just to nag, the man is actually in a different dimension staring at the woman blankly and not registering a spit-fuelled word coming out of her mouth.

Whatever the case- “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!” 🙂 Choice is your own.