Book hangover is the most common symptom us readers have. And it happens when the book you’ve been reading is so very good. Usually I leave a good few days in between 2 books because if I don’t and I start reading a new book I don’t really pay attention because the characters from the one I just finished are still floating in my head. What an impact paper+ink can have!!! While reading you go through emotions, such as fear (OMG! The book is finished soon should I read slower?), satisfaction (What a brilliant read and plot and characters), sadness (because something happens in the book that can potentially make you cry) and happiness (because it is funny and brings joy and unbelievable twists).

bookonabaddayGood Book on a Bad day… You hold on to the book as if it could solve all your problems. Even if it doesn’t, it will give you escape route to a different world and happenings where you will forget about yours.

uselessbookI know “a really good book” has a wide definition. What I think is brilliant is most utter shite and a waste of paper for someone else. I get it. We have our own tastes and preferences. I don’t judge on what you read (unless it’s Harry Potter. I just don’t know why I dislike it so much) so please don’t judge my choices either (with an exception of one book or series just to call it even as I judge your choice of Harry Potter. Alright?)

Read books! They are not all crap. When I hear a person say “I haven’t read a book in my life!” with this smirk that indicates as if books are shite and useless and horrible, I just want to weep. Do they realize what they are missing? 🙂

Then again, yes, I’m queer the other way- I don’t have interest in PlayStation or any computer games, so others might think how stupid am I to miss the opportunity? Well, gain some, loose some. Each to their own. I will not preach about books no more. 😉