Just in case you missed the idea of the subject, I meant “Aye, for fuck sake!” It’s the Irish way of putting it… the “Aye”, I mean…They also use “Yera” to start off a sentence… For example- A: “Neighbours are kinda loud, don’t you think?” B: “Yera, what can you do? Call the Gardai?” Gardai is police.

There, I have educated you in Irish ways, words and attitudes.

I realized I have mellowed out a bit too much. I think I was way more interesting when I hated everyone and had strong opinions about absolutely every single molecule. I also think I was way more interesting when I KNEW that I was the only one that KNEW everything about everything and it was my task to open the eyes of you all, my poor blind naive people.


No need to get offended.

So, come on, someone- piss me off! Come and rattle my mental tree. Challenge me. I know you’re out there, because I highly doubt world has become a better place since I last gave more than 2 fucks.

People need something entertaining to read, for fuck sake!

On another topic- when are Estonians going to hit the streets? I could not believe my eyes when I saw that politicians are getting a pay-raise.. of Bleeding 20%… while child support is still only 19 quid a month? Shameless. Ye, little leeches wouldn’t be in the big house if it wasn’t for the regular people coming together and fighting for freedom so Some holes can go and tear it all apart again. I’m by far the least educated it politics, but is it too much of an ideal to wish for the leaders of the country to actually take care of their people?

But, every country is the same. In Ireland they tax you for a dog. 12 quid (once off payment), they tax you for having a TV (160 quid a year, ON TOP of paying for the TV provider so you would actually have some channels to watch), they tax you for owning a house… if you own two, pay more and the bigger the property and the more value it has- more again. Even if you own property abroad, you pay property tax. Not to mention all the taxes that come with a car. Huge taxes. Roads are still shite. You think it’s bad in Estonia? Well, believe the Irishman who praises Estonian roads and swears every single meter of travelling on an Irish road.

I think the people who are taking that trip to Mars, are getting the better option, rather than staying on this planet and see how things get worse and worse.