Mother is usually the person buying you clothes until you have your own income and ability to decide to dress as is more or less accepted in society. Mother usually gets you dressed until you are like… what? 4 years of age? 3? Mother usually gives you advice what looks good on us and what we should wear to a certain “happening”. Other than that we ought to be independent and have this sense of- “I got it, this would look great with these jeans. That would look great with that top”
Not me. I’m quite hopeless because today, at my lovely age of 26, my mother is still buying me clothes because I walk around with no idea at all whatsoever what looks good on me while she, without seeing me for a couple of years, still remembers my sizes. Oh, what would I do without my mommy who supplies me with cool clothes?

I tried to shop in Estonia once and I got two lovely tops. Thanks to Reilika, because she was the one who picked them up and made me try them on. I, myself would have walked past them without a glance.
Oh, why can’t I be this super-trendy person?
Specially now, I’m in the middle of clothing-dilemma. I don’t really wear the easy choice of skulls and black anymore (I still listen to the music, though). And working in the office requires more or less something decent but I don’t want to over-do it either. So- I’m on jeans+jumpers+my studded belt. The most boring looking person ever. I have no originality left anymore and it eats me up inside. Time to go shopping? Yes, I wish it was this easy. One thing for sure- next time I’m in Estonia the second-hand shops better watch out, I will come and rummage through your stock.