This post is not meant to depress anyone, not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or not meant to be changing someone’s mind about their beliefs or wants/needs/wishes. This is my babble.

Humans can be uber-morbid sometimes. Like me. Once I get caught thinking about death I can drag myself into this darkest deepest pit of misery and hysteria. (Not now, though)
Nothing I can do- I don’t understand death. I am afraid of death taking people and I am afraid to die before I can truly say that I have lived and experienced as much as I want.

Had a chat with my brother about death and funerals and I wish I had his way of thinking. I think he feels about funerals the way he does because he is a man. Men are stronger when it comes to logical and inevitable processes of nature. I’m not saying men are emotionless, I just think they deal with things better. I am also not saying that all women are like me- psychotic and weak. But- I think, like him, that I would rather not do the funeral process. Why is it necessary? Why have the old ancient ways dissolved and replaced my some church-ritual? I think, like him, that we should have more respect towards the people that we respect and are burying. I have only ever been to 2 funerals in my life. One of them I can’t remember because I was so young and the other one I wish I didn’t remember. It felt so wrong seeing a person dug into the ground in a box. While I understand the necessity of a funeral for closure I do not understand why it’s done the way it is. Saying that- I guess everyone can really choose how they wish to be buried. Or cremated. Or whatever. I just find it… against the grain… the make-up, the “everybody come around and let’s take a gooood look at the person again, you know, for the last time”- well, we all got the “last look” when they were still alive and that should suffice?! No?!

Now, REMEMBER- this is MY opinion and if you feel differently- great. I am not saying that we should all hate the church-ritual. Whatever makes us happy, right? Whatever helps us survive afterwards, right?

Moving on- how much does a person body really matter after they die?

Hard to explain. Let me just put it this way- I have heard some people thinking this and I have thought about it- remember when in school in physics class the one big rule was being stamped into our brains- Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can change from one form to another. Right? And what.. Who are Humans? We are energy. I think our souls are. Don’t you? So when a human body dies, the energy from our soul doesn’t disappear.. It simply transforms into something else, someone else?

If someone could prove that theory to me, I would not be afraid of death anymore. I would be happy to know that all the loved ones somehow lived on.


I will not get tired of repeating- We only have ONE life- so let’s enjoy it! Through shit and thin! One life, lads! One life to live the way we are… After that? We may be coming back as someone else 🙂