I think I already posted about anger but that was to pick on an article written. Below is my own take on anger.

Anger- how do you deal with yours?
I am in the category of people that are angry for a while.
Ok, just to make this more relatable, here are the categories I think there are for angry people-
1.- flash-anger. They are bright and jolly as a sunny day, next minute they flip, swear down the heavens, bang the wall and when they turn around they already seem as if nothing ever bothered them
2.- halfway-anger. They get angry and push it on for about a day or two and when the anger starts to fade, they try to pull it back. “No, anger! Don’t go!”.. while thinking “I really shouldn’t be angry at this”
3.- full-on-anger. I think this group of people tend to go half-angry all their lives. Every single tiny thing can make them flip the switch. And, boy, does this anger last? Oh yes, decades! You know those people that bring an incident up 15 years later and can still manage to fuck up their peaceful state as if the incident happened half an hour ago.

I put myself into the Halfway-anger section. I am angry, I wanna get up and go and huff and puff… I give out about the fact that’s pissing me off and then as the anger starts to fade I try to cling onto it. I don’t want the anger to go because sometimes I get a lot more done (at work&home) when my blood pressure is seething!

Sometimes I think anger and forgiveness are the same things. Once I calm down I have forgiven. I don’t think it’s fair, because once I have forgiven I still haven’t forgotten. What I want most sometimes is to forget. Maybe I have a broken brain. Maybe I drank too much blackcurrant vodka when I was 17. Maybe I smoked too many strong cigarettes.