Do you ever feel like everyone and every organisation, every politician and just simply everyone needs to cut the crap?! I am just so sick of listening/reading some over-decorated flow of rubbish that people are supposed to believe.
No- we don’t have a problem with global warming. We have a problem with stupid egotistical people who don’t think of the consequences of their actions. We have a problem with over-consumerism. We have a huge fucking problem with people buying a new phone every time a new fucking version comes out. Do they ever think what happens to the old one they throw away?
In the last 3 months or so I have witnessed 3 counts of littering- 2 it was a bag of rubbish simply thrown out of a moving car. One time a mother had thrown a baby’s full diapers by the side of a road. Like what the fuck people? I would like to know what is sooo damn different in those peoples brains that allows them to do such things?

Going back to blowing big imaginary full-of-shit bubbles- wow! The politicians are really good at it, aren’t they?
“Things are looking up” they say. “Unemployment numbers have gone down” “Peoples wages have doubled over the past 8 years” “Integration” “Innovation” … Makes me wanna vomit. It’s all just documents with words which have been put together by people (probably with Thesaurus dictionaries) over the course of 4 years, then published for everyone to see and then forgotten. None of it ever happens. Why can’t there be someone that is really, I mean really out for the people of the country and not be rag-doll for big corporations? Hells, if nothing else, they would at least make history by being the most loved humanitarian ever. EVER!

Oh, and the TV ads. What a load of shite! This makes you pretty! That makes the pain go away. Yes, it makes you pretty for a day and then you face double the consequences in the land of ugliness. Yes, the pain goes away in 20 minutes for this time but while the pain faded you just killed a billion of your good bacteria and your Immune system shut down a little bit more, again.
How come in every TV ad, lets say for insurance, they bring this example of how much it could cost you a year and when you ring them up, due to the fact you wear glasses or you have a chronic snot-filled nose the price goes up by 300%? You know?
Why isn’t ad-industry dead yet? Why are people still falling for some lame excuses to buy this or that?

Oh, and then we go down to personal level. Smile, say hello, kiss ass and behave. Well, let me tell you, if people had any kind of respect for you (which you have obviously earned because you stay true to yourself) you wouldn’t need to kiss ass every day (and then feeling lower then grass about yourself later on), you wouldn’t have to smile (to every single fucking idiot that makes you wanna break out of your skin) and you wouldn’t have to say Hello to everyone (because saying Hello makes some people think that you want something from them)

Estonians might say that they are ignorant and quiet and never go out of their skin to be a great host.. Well, if there’s something I miss being in this Estonian environment- its the TRUENESS (is that a word?), it’s the pure and simple “I know where I stand and I don’t need to do circus every single time a human being comes into my view”

And yet truth is so painful to face.
If no one ever lied to us and didn’t decorate their words for us, we would be bawling into our pillows every single night terrified of getting up the next day again in fear of meeting people because Honest People Are Mean!

Hmm.. what was that saying again… Rather a painful truth than a beautiful lie? Something in those lines?

I have to admit, sometimes I hate dreaming, as well. I think dreaming is only teasing. I dream and dream and dream of all wonderful things and then I land face first back into reality and knock my senses out of myself with the facts.