How easy it is to drive your brain into overload. Women can get a bit hysterical once a month anyway and sometimes when we have been keeping strong for a while we push ourselves even deeper into a breakdown at those magical monthly meetings.
Happened to me…
Day was going OK, but I could feel my nervous system bubbling inside me. It just wanted to strip back all the skin from inside out and fall all over the kitchen floor with a massive sigh and a big poster “I don’t need your pity, I give it to myself!”
I did my tasks. Dinner- check. Wash dishes- check. Ironing- check. Change bed sheets…. Crash!
I sobbed like a little child on the unmade bed. Snot and tears everywhere. How lovely.
You know how you go for the toilet roll then to blow your nose and dry your eyes… You know that you need to be careful because otherwise your fingers will break through the paper and get smothered in snot.
Oh, how the world is bad, unfair, unjust.

Few deep breaths…

There! All back to normal. Life ain’t crap. Everything is actually really good.

Next day I gobbled down a big fatty doughnut with whipped cream and jam. Sweet enough to have your teeth fall out there and then. Things were really clearing up.

And all done for this month. Next month I will go psycho again over different worldly issues, but I don’t think I will cry. Instead I will nag on my partner and drive him mad as well.

Once a month it sucks to be a woman.. Not because of the pain, the cramps or the other occurrences. Once a month it sucks because it drives me into madness with no reason at all.
Spicy food- not a good idea. Coffee- not a good idea. All the things I want daily are not a good idea because when I allow myself those things I die physically and want to take everyone around me to the afterlife with me.

Men really do have it easy.