oh, so simple it is to plant a doubt into a human mind. all it takes is a little push, a trigger-word perhaps and the paranoia will set in.

we torture ourselves with the worst case-scenarios, we pity ourselves and make ourselves unimportant while we really should stand strong, always-always believe in ourselves and stay true to ourselves with pride; when we should believe it’s not always doom and gloom that life sends on our path; while we should know in our heads that we are unique and special and, in fact, important.

there was this one moment- i was sitting in/on the loo (yes, the most least romantic place on the planet) and thought- isn’t it amazing that another person wants me in their lives, wants to see me every day all day for many years to come?

so what is it that makes us turn around and destroy our souls with this bitter poison of low self-esteem, doubts and why don’t we always have the power to fight against the bad feeling of “I’m not good enough” ?

and what would happen if we all lost that humble approach to ourselves? what if we all started thinking we are the ultimate perfection? what if humans had no doubts at all- would the world be destroyed by now?

there’s always a balance isn’t there?
like for one- i always thought that a human with empathy is the best human yet. and then i read this research where they came to conclusion that people with a great score of empathy are also the greatest manipulators. no need to mention- i was a bit disappointed in reading this. maybe because i really think it is true.