where does our creativeness limit?
I once read that it’s not the Muse that makes us creative, it more than often also isn’t the brainstorming that makes us creative. Not even simply being talented makes us creative.
What does then?
Doing something with constant routine.
Say- I want to write a book. Therefore brainstorming or waiting for the Muse to fill my head with great thoughts isn’t going to help. Instead it has been suggested to simply write. Constantly. Anything at all. At all times possible. And also to read and read and learn from what I’m reading.
I suppose it is the Practice that makes us Perfect…
I also read about a great author once (can’t remember now who it was), but he said that he didn’t write great books because he was so great at it and the Muse was generous. He said he wrote great books because he got up every morning early and simply made himself write for 2-3 hours. Editing and changes and making it all come together is the last action.
I want to write a book. As a great fan of reading I feel it is a must to write a book. I might not have great ideas now- well, I have one. But I’d like to write something that people would enjoy reading. I’d like to provide the escape from reality to someone.
I must make a start soon, as it happens I will be having more time in my hands…