Have you ever tried to fix your brain?
You know the way Sun changes its magnetic poles every 11 years(something I recently found out). You could do the same with your mind, thoughts, feelings.
I have had and am experiencing one of those moments.
I can just feel the heaviness lift. Once I have taken into consideration that I don’t need to feel sad/angry/low about something the work to change it can begin.
I can hear in my imagination how gears are being changed and how the old rusty ratchets are turning with this slow loud clangor (I actually had to open the dictionary to find the right word)

I used to practice changing my mind quite often. With my old job at the take-away. I just hated it! So in order to get through the days at work I made myself come out of the crappy feelings and resentment and make my brain think on different level about the tasks to be done. Oh, I don’t know… I can’t remember what I told myself while walking over to work, the distance from my house to work wasn’t that long. Whatever I did say to myself it worked. Probably something in the lines of- “Time will fly- you won’t even notice. Get your act together and work hard so you can be proud of yourself.”.. Or “You have it easy girl. Imagine if you had to be at a war. Now get to work and do it well”… Or “Now that you’re here, the next step is to go back home and that’s soon!” My boss always told me how he liked seeing me come into work- bouncing! Little did he know how I so many times found myself standing in the middle of the kitchen with my voice screaming in my head “Why am I here? I don’t want to be here!”. Literally, crying inside my head.

If we let the bad feelings take over they will magnify. It’s like they have additives in them. The more sad/angry you feel, the more sad/angry you want to/let yourself feel.

Every once in a while we need to kick ourselves into a different gear. Make the proverbial shit clean itself off your vision and take a look at ourselves with a positive attitude!

I do enjoy the saying which I learned from my good other half- If one monkey can do it, so can the other. If one human can do it, so can I!