“Generation War”…

is a German drama. In German it’s title is “Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter” The 3-part series shows the life around Nazi Germany and WW II
I recommend it with “fifteen out of ten”
It comes in three parts, each 1,5 hours.

I have been discussing the movie with Michael for a day because it has moved us both. I wish there was a book written, but there isn´t. There are simply so many questions that arose in my head- why did he do that? Why did she do that? What are they thinking? What are their excuses? In a book all the emotions and thoughts make characters way more transparent. While it is sometimes interesting to make use of your own imagination and think for yourself of the why´s and the how´s, with this movie (from this genre) it would be useful to have a better insight into characters thoughts.

Michael thinks they could have displayed more of what the Red Army was doing behind the lines- the truthful actions of theirs.

I found myself thinking- people turned into animals.. sorry, beasts, because it would be an insult to animals… and for what? For who? What a waste of life, brilliant young minds that were mashed by bullets and gruesome sights.


  1. Tundub põnev, aga ajalugu ongi põnev 🙂
    Aga metsistumine? Eks meil, kes me selles košmaaris mitu aastat ei elanud, ongi raske nende inimeste muutumist mõista.


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