“what if life is one big dream and when we die, we wake up?”
saw this quote on world wide web and thought- yes! what if?

maybe life is like an obstacle course to determine where or how we end up in the otherside?

if so, i would like to think i am not failing miserably. i do help people when i can, i try not to be mean (
but i am mean when it is deserved- then again who am i to judge?)

what if behind the layer or vast sky and stars there is a whole new world for us?


    • interesting…
      sometimes I also think we are just dinosaurs after eating some hallucinogenic tree-leaf and are just imagining everything that’s happening around us… hell of an imagination to see oneself and others as humans, eh? πŸ˜€ and the anti-dote in a different tree-leaf has gone extinct so while we really are dinosaurs, breathing fire and what not, our eyes are covered with a layer of “cinema”! πŸ˜›


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