.. a documentary about the journey of rock’n’roll.
It was interesting to watch, it was very funny and shocking at times to hear some of the stories and it made me think- people living the rock and metal lifestyle have this extra gene I think. To be completely mad, off their heads, “snowblind” and doing things that a person with common sense would never do. Things that a civilized and a boring (?) person would never do.
I am jealous. Even though they have burnt the candle in both ends, they have also experienced things some of us will never even imagine to think about and they have written themselves into history. People are still talking about some of the personalities which only took a year to ignite…
We all sometimes wish we were brave and filthy rich and without a certain empathy and sense of self-preservation- the things we’d do!
I would probably lash out like Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden- buy a plane and party on it ’til kingdom come! I would meet Ozzy Osbourne and party with Slipknot and System of a Down. I would go and meet all the legends before they die and join them in their mental quests.
What would you do? Any crazy dreams that you know you will never fulfill yet would make perfect sense with a rock’n’roller lifetsyle? 😉