difficult to be a human with expectations. no one is ever fast enough to give answers, to provide peace of mind, to also have expectations. we, people, can turn into “monsters” at the slightest touch of change in our lives.
– too much on “our plates” and we get stressed, live it out on other people and
– not enough on our plates and we get bored, start feeling useless because there’s nothing to do and we live it out on people around us

the hardest fight for a person is to fight with oneself. how not to turn into a monster. to find balance and stability.

Mothers sometimes yell at children and husbands because they are tired and want some peace (my mom did and I don’t blame her 😀 )

Colleagues snap at each other because they have a task at hand that makes them want to tear out their eyes and stuff them into their ears.

Teachers lose patience with students because “How can they be so thick?”

Some people fight different monsters every day. Even though the monsters are still inside the person, they are of different kind. The kind that make people think of death, the kind that make people feel as if they were no one. And only thing “saving” them from these monsters are meds. I can’t say anything because I don’t know what is different in a person’s brain. The chemical reactions and what not’s. I admit, sometimes I think they should just cop on and get over it, but I am wrong to have this attitude, because I don’t know! I don’t know what it would feel like.

I used to think I was depressed. Maybe I was. But this time seems so far away now. I was a teenager and my hormones were bouncing all over the place and my head made the troubles seem gigantic when they were not.

For some reason, being sad and down and out is a big No-No! Straight away people would think you are depressed, mentally broken without a hope of “repair” and weak. When did being sad become a non-emotion? It is only normal to feel sad at times… After all- Isn’t feeling sad giving us the guidance into knowing what is happiness?

So, let’s be sad sometimes, and then smile again. ups and downs are a normal way of life! 🙂