Most of our problems, fights and bad feelings come from being self-centered. Alright, it’s mean and truth hurts but think about it!
We get annoyed with other people because they are doing things differently to what WE WANT. We get angry at others because they don’t seem to meet OUR needs. We are sad because others are not considering OUR emotions and feelings.
Well, it works both ways! WE are not thinking about THEIR wants, needs or emotions either. “Each to save their own ass”… We are too busy demanding for ourselves without even thinking what it means for the other person to constantly give away… They give away their spirit each and every time we are being self-centered. The radius of self-centeredness is covering miles and miles of other’s hopes and dreams :D.. I can imagine this self-centered human being standing on top a mountain of skulls! 😀
Unless the Givers widen their radius of self-centeredness, they will be stomped upon. They give and give and give until their bright spirits fade away and they are left on this Earth not even thinking of finding the meaning of Life.

So, my point is- can we sometimes try to think parallel to our demanding what it means for the others around us?