Books, Books, Books!
Lot of people read books for entertainment. Some read them to get away from reality. Others- to find solace. Books are also read to educate oneself.

Over the years of reading I have come across books that are great and some that are not so great. But never have I thought of a book being terrible. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph and every page is the result of a brilliant and hard working mind. The result of late nights and early mornings. The result of excessive coffee. And if one can not understand a book it is not the author’s fault but the readers! ๐Ÿ™‚ Art has always been a vast area with a myriad of possible ways to understand.

Britain’s Next Bestseller is a fantastic new ray of light in the book publishing atmosphere! An atmosphere that may have scared starting writers away from their manuscripts thinking they are not good enough to get their work out there. Atmosphere that for some seems so vast and confusing, they bury their dreams of writing a book and find comfort in blogging?

I think what BNBS does is absolutely fantastic and seems so fair and just towards the writer. Do you have a manuscript hidden away in a drawer because you couldn’t get a publishing deal? Well, maybe you should think about submitting your work to BNBS and let the readers decide&help you score a publishing deal!

I love books. I love reading. And this is why I will try as often as I can (next to my day-job and responsibilities at home) to promote young/or not so young aspiring writers in my blog.
If you love books as well- go check out the BNBS page and browse the manuscripts… Who knows? Maybe your pre-order will help a writer’s dream come true! ๐Ÿ™‚