I think a time has come that I should stop reading newspapers because lately they seem to be the main source of irritation for me. Not the articles themselves, most of the times it’s the people who comment. Then again- they have a right to voice their opinion but I am starting to see the pattern where one side who wants it black and white stamps on the opposing side’s opinions while the opposing side keeps telling the B&W people how they have a right to their opinion. You know?

Today’s topic- Assisted euthanasia

I am quite shocked to see how many people find it “disgusting” and “uncomfortable” and other negative words. They bring god into the matter, saying “You shouldn’t end your life, it should end through God’s will”… Not everybody believes in god. Some people put themselves into the centre of their lives and follow their own instincts rather than hope a higher power will “make them good again” or “fix everything” or believe that the higher power actually has any control over reality. I know this is slightly getting off topic but let me just say this- I know how mind-power can change a  LOT in a human’s life, and how belief can bring about positive change- why name it God, though? Give the credit to YOURSELF! You are the one making the changes 🙂


Euthanasia is legal in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

What I think?- I think it is a choice and people should be able to choose. Now, it doesn’t mean that once I get old or have terminal illness and I want euthanasia that I’ll just walk into a clinic and get an injection. No. This procedure also has its rules and regulations. Person who is asking for euthanasia (due to old-age illness, or terminal illness) will be questioned by the doctor and evaluated. Belgium recently passed a law whereby children who are terminally ill and thereby suffering unbearably and existing in pain are allowed to have euthanasia should the child’s parents and authorities agree.

A lot of people see it as a sensible option, allowing them or theirs pass peacefully and with their dignity intact. Others oppose it. Some people think that once a country has it legislated, hordes of people will swarm to the clinics and get themselves killed off. It is kind of like opposing abortion with an argument that abortion is going to be used as contraception should it be made available legally. (Abortion law is another topic I might raise in the future)

When a person who has been in a serious accident, or has had a disabling illness, or is in fact unable to take care of themselves and has to be fed by others, getting their nappies changed by others- provided that they are still able to make their own minds in clarity- asks to die by euthanasia then it should be granted. It is their life, their body and their dignity. Especially hearing occasional horror stories of abuse and ill-treatment that goes on in elderly care homes etc.

Some may say “But euthanasia is not the way a human is supposed to die!”- what is the supposed method then? – Die in pain caused by cancer? Die in sleep because the opiates/morphine doses needed to succumb the pain are too great for the physical body to process? Getting hit by a car/bus/train? There is no “right” way to die.

And people who really know me, are aware of the fact how afraid I am of death… My own parents leaving this plain/dimension, leaving their bodies behind. What I do know- if they came to me with a request to be assisted to die in Swiss alps overlooking greenery then I would grant it to them as I would want them to grant me the same should things go belly up.


It only happens to your soul in the current body ONCE. The experiences you are gathering now happen only once. I would want to go out remembering I was a person! Not a physical and emotional wreck.

This topic is sooo wide. Feel free to let me know what you think ( even if you disagree!) 🙂