Ryan was kind enough to share his book with me and having read it I feel truly privileged! Thank you, Ryan!

book picture

“Tremor” is thrilling! From the very first word through to the very last it kept me in suspense. There wasn’t a single boring moment- seriously! I kind of expected for the story to slump and I couldn’t have been more wrong to unjustifiably presume!  Descriptions of characters, locations and emotions were just right- not too long and dragged out; not too short to leave me wishing for more. Every chapter brought new surprising twists and turns and before I noticed- I had read the last page!

One book can be understood in many ways by different people. For me “Tremor” had a great pinch of conspiracy theory, which I found very current with the ongoing nature-issues we have in our modern day world. In the future, “Tremor” by Ryan Mark might just become what George Orwell’s “1984” resembles now. Except- easier to read!

Overall- an exceptional book by an author with a lot of potential! *****

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All the best to Ryan and believe me- when you see “Tremor” in bookshops you will want to buy it!