“Tremor” by Ryan Mark

Ryan was kind enough to share his book with me and having read it I feel truly privileged! Thank you, Ryan!

book picture

“Tremor” is thrilling! From the very first word through to the very last it kept me in suspense. There wasn’t a single boring moment- seriously! I kind of expected for the story to slump and I couldn’t have been more wrong to unjustifiably presume!  Descriptions of characters, locations and emotions were just right- not too long and dragged out; not too short to leave me wishing for more. Every chapter brought new surprising twists and turns and before I noticed- I had read the last page!

One book can be understood in many ways by different people. For me “Tremor” had a great pinch of conspiracy theory, which I found very current with the ongoing nature-issues we have in our modern day world. In the future, “Tremor” by Ryan Mark might just become what George Orwell’s “1984” resembles now. Except- easier to read!

Overall- an exceptional book by an author with a lot of potential! *****

As it happens- “Tremor” can be pre-ordered through Britain’s Next Bestseller and with a growing number of pre-orders, Ryan’s publishing deal improves once a target is hit! Click here to not only find out more about the book and Ryan, but to also help his book get published and stir a real positive frenzy (that’s right- a Positive Frenzy!) on the book-market by pre-ordering. To find out more about Britain’s Next Bestseller and how it works- click here

All the best to Ryan and believe me- when you see “Tremor” in bookshops you will want to buy it!


  1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read and review Tremor. This has given me a massive confidence boost. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Tremor. I’m so grateful. Thank you again Liis!

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  2. Great review Liis. So glad you enjoyed Tremor. We are so proud of Ryan and it’s great to see his book being so well received. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

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  3. […] I hope you enjoyed Ryan’s guest post and please do read the interview below! As you read Ryan’s thoughts on YA Dystopian novels and Global issues, I believe we can all agree on one thing- we are dealing with a very intelligent author and his works are something to look out for! I am quite positive Ryan will change the world in his own way. It might seem a small impact to some of you, but once you read Tremor you cannot unread it and there lies the magic of it all 🙂 I was one of the first people to read Tremor, before it was printed into a finished book and published. I even wrote a review.  […]


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