Writing 101, Day Two

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?


Do we live to work, or work to live?

This very moment I would vanish from behind my work-desk. In a blink of an eye I would be home packing a lunch to-go, grab my Better Half by the hand and head towards destination- The Blasket Islands.

The high-rising and challenging islands off the west coast of Ireland.

I am there, with him. Smiling. Not for long though, because climbing up the mountain-side brings a pain to my back-side. Way too young to be so unfit but I keep crawling, on all fours, through the long grass full of rabbit-poop. My Better Half is playfully skipping up higher, laughing down at me, calling for me to keep going.

The Main Island is uninhabited. No Humans since ’53. Couple of furry donkeys and fluffy rabbits still remain. Donkeys are happy to see visitors as it proves they haven’t been forgotten in the midst of Atlantic storms and unforgiving winds. Rabbits run about, whether without having noticed the Human has arrived or perhaps to show it’s the little hoppers who own the place now. Either way- I am happy. Breeze is refreshing and there doesn’t seem to be a single worry in the world. World is far away… Physically not far, but it feels a million miles.

Blaskets- a huge grass covered rock in the middle of the ocean. On the whole island it is impossible to pick out a picnic spot- it’s all perfect. No matter where you slump to the ground, blue ocean is around you, blue skies above you. Birds flying high.

Freedom, solitude, purity.

There is no damaging trace of human hand appearing as rubbish. There are few old buildings, nearly falling apart- part of the island. Past is important!

I wonder what would it be like to spend a night on this abandoned island? Would it feel as if I had found myself on another planet? What sounds would reach my ears? Only the waves 200 feet below? The seals gathering on the one and only sandy beach? Would the rabbits dare wander closer in the darkness? Would I ever want to leave after spending a night in this paradise?

There is no evil, there is no artificial or material things.. Just nature. Pure nature.