I know I need to write about a topic when it has been circulating my mind, I have  come across it on the street and it appears in a newspaper the next day. It’s funny how coincidences come about like this!

Skin, aging, wrinkles, birth-marks (or moles or whatever you call it)

Let me start off on a personal level and move on from there…

So- skin! How much do you take care of yours? Do you cream yourself every day? Do you scrub with those fancy grainy body washes? Do you try and keep your beauty products chemical-free?

I am one of those that couldn’t be arsed to rub myself down with body lotion… I use hand cream only in the winters when the skin on my knuckles starts to crack due to cold and windy weather. I try and keep myself away from all the chemical bombs andd yet I am “blessed” with a shiteload of birthmarks. I mean- all over… My face has about 15!!! Even on my scalp there’s about 5 (so a trip to the hairdresser is like “Can you please be careful around this spot cause I have a birthmark there!”) My back and frront are covered.. and not just birthmarks/moles, but them small red ones as well- cherry angioma, they’re called. I recently had 2 “thingys” removed from my back because they looked “dodgy”… Yay! I may die of skin cancer some day! Nah! I’ll keep getting rid of them as necessary… Trips to the doctor, peeps! Do go and get your skin checked out- it will provide you with peace of mind and might just save your life!

Anyway- all this skin issue I have has left me wishing for an evolutionary human-skill- skin with zipper… you know, like catwoman costume, that you can just zip out of and pull on a new fresh skin which looks like age 10! I can’t/won’t wear tops anymore that bare my back because I think I’ll just scare people with what they’ll see, you know? It sucks but then again, I never was the cocktail-dress-kind-of-girl!

So- this is my problem with skin. On to widen the topic:

I sat in a pub a few days back and there were a lot of tourists around. In walks this woman, aged 55+ with shorts shorter than I would dare to wear! I mean- yee-haw, woman-power! BUT- yuk at the same time. I (and everyone else sitting down eating with their eyes on her thigh-level) could really have done without seeing those thighs, you know? I mean- Yes! i understand that you have lived your life,  grown up 5 children (or whatever) and feel free like a bird now because you’ve no more responsibilities in life other than to have fun, but “goddammit!” – I still believe one should dress age-accordingly. I don’t mean that you need to start wearing faded pink suit jackets and woollen skirts, but shorts down to knee would be great, thanks very much! I know also, that you don’t give a crap what other think of your dress-code, but at least keep your ass-baring shorts withing the radius of beach-sand- don’t bring them into a dining area. Wobbly wrinkled thighs are really not appetizing!

So- the article I read this morning was about older women and their wrinkly skin. It discussed how older women are “meant to hide away in between 4 walls” once they get wrinkly and cover themselves up head to toe. I don’t agree of course, BUT- lets not convert every taboo into a “Welcome to society, half-naked elderly!”

I really enjoy looking pictures of olden days when women really looked like ladies! I mean- proper nice skirts and dresses and delicate blouses. And not wool.. but silk and satin. Sexy! You know? What happened to it all? Feminism? I mean- look at the girls and women nowadays- tits hanging out as much as possible. And what’s up with the leggings? Holy Satan! When did it become OK to wear leggings without a skirt? Or a long top which covers your ass? I have to admit- I was walking down the street and in front of me were these 3 teenaged girls (not older than 15) and of course- the trend has asked them to wear these leggings. I had a HUGE urge to walk up to them faster and slap one of them on the arse. Would a shock like this keep them from dressing up in this manner? Where has the innocence gone? Why? Because Rihanna, Beyonce and Myley are flashing it? Does that make it OK to let our youth walk around in “inviting” manner? It’s sad!

Anyway- my whole point is- Yes, we all have the right to dress the way we want to but is the way we want to dress always the appropriate way? Can we not keep some “informal” rules? Some certain morals? I mean- yea, for chrissakes, we’re all going to be old but there are many ways to dress cool other than flashing flesh! No?

What do you think? Am I old-fashioned? Well, screw you, then 😀 (just kidding!)