Assisted dying and abortion are the hot topics in any media outlet I read lately. Apart from what’s going on in Ukraine and Gaza, of course. I don’t mean to be pissing on anyone’s parade, or I don’t mean to be a daily messenger of doom and gloom but it just so happens that these topics are my daily pondering-material. These topics are also very controversial- say one thing and you’ll be frowned upon, say an opposing thought and you’ll still be frowned upon. With these aforementioned topics there is no middle ground. They are black and white, yes or no. Very straight forward and whatever side you’re on, be sure the other side will try and prove you wrong and vice versa. The opposing sides will always be there, which really means the arguments will always be there. Whether the “discussions” get heated and hurt people is up to us. We make that choice every day. We never think how we are hurting the opposing side with our words, with our attitudes and neither does the opponent think how their views affect. Yes, even though an impact is the reason for protests and uprisings but do we always want them to end by payment in blood?

The title of today’s post came from – surprise!surprise!- from the comments of a newspaper article.

Now if you decide to go read this article I am sure you will have your own views about pro-life/pro-choice matters. I decided to put in my “2 cents” as well but to do this on my blog rather than comment in the newspaper and get stuck in the dead circle of verbal abuse/fights/and nerve wrecking arguments which will never end and only leave a bad taste in your mouth. Surely, to some, my blog leaves a bad taste. Can’t please everyone, that’s one thing I’ve learned. So better just be yourself and piss off a few people rather than try and dance to someone’s tune and never be satisfied with yourself.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Protesters. I never really thought how my own protest(s) affect everyone else around me, until now. Until I read this article and felt how verbal abuse and strong opinions can cut through a person like a hot knife through butter. How my words can actually make someone cry… or feel like crap about themselves. I feel like I have been an utter selfish brat, thinking my opinion is The Light at the end of the tunnel. Life-shattering experience, this discovery! It is okay to debate, but it’s not really a debate anymore if you suffocate your opponent by not letting them express their views. I always found that trying to “walk in the other man’s shoes” is a good starting point. It will always give a different perspective!

I will just say the following:

-I am siding with people who are pro-choice. Meaning  a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion or not have one. Whatever they deem necessary. I am not going to go into this topic in length because some examples of women who would have wished an abortion and weren’t allowed to have one by religious state are horrifying. I don’t have children, I haven’t been pregnant and so I will not be able to say what is right and what is wrong, but I stand for the right to have a choice. There should always be a choice!

– I am also siding with the humanist idea of assisted dying. I wrote about it once before.

– As for the topic of MH17 – all I have to say is that I am utterly disgusted by what is going on. I feel for the families that have lost their loved ones. I can’t even begin to try and comprehend. All I wish is that there are answers found and dealt with accordingly.

-As for Gaza. I wish the Planet could shake itself, real hard, and shake all those people off the face of the Earth who have brought misery, pain, death and torture to other’s  lives. These bringers of misery (whichever side they are on) do not deserve to be on the beautiful planet, painting it dark with sadness and hopelessness.


I have never been against people having their own views and opinions but once violence is used as a tactic to make themselves be heard- I will hate you. I am allowed to hate everyone that pulls a trigger and rains down loss of life. I am allowed to hate anyone that can so cold-heartedly take a life.

We need to understand that we are not God(s)! However many gods a religion has- we are not one of the Gods!

We also need to understand that what one culture does on one side of the Earth doesn’t necessarily fit well with the people on the other side of the Earth. Therefore- if one does not accept a different way of life, one should not go and place themselves amongst what they dislike and try and change things. It will always cause uprisings. Stick within your boundaries and life peacefully doing what you do- cultures do not need to interfere with each other to “show how it’s done”. It’s like a bad relationship in between a man and a woman- one always trying to change the other. And we all know what happens to these relationships- they end because there will be hate, fighting and extreme measures because of loss of self-worth!

I also believe that one country should not forcefully enter another country because the former needs something. Ask and if you are not given, get by with what you have. Don’t storm in with your weapons, don’t start pointing a finger towards a country and demand that you have every right to invade. It’s just wrong. F**k! That’s why we have borders!!! To define one man’s land from another–> and one man’s land is not another man’s to have a say upon! Just like your house, your home is no place for another man to walk into and start laying down the rules.

Yes, when true crimes against humanity are happening, there should be interference, but I am talking entering someone else’s space to self-gain and mess up a way of life which the former doesn’t understand! Take Vietnam for example. I wasn’t in the war, I wasn’t fighting on either side. But there’s a great book written about it which gives insight into both sides- the American soldiers, the Vietnam fighters, the pin-up girls sent over to entertain the soldiers, the nurse.. every single profession and aspect of the war has got a say in this book and it was an eye opener. What Vietnamese people went through and were willing to endure was something an American could never begin to even comprehend. (If you’re interested in the book, let me know)

I know, nothing is going to change just because I write this stupid blog every once in a while and moan.

But it’s better than dragging this sad baggage with me for the whole day and waste my free time on worrying about those thing when I should be in peace and show love to my family.

So- this blog is an outlet.. an outcry?

Until the next time

Source:  Pixabay
Source: Pixabay