Source:  Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

I am not talking about saying “Hi!” or “Thank you!” or “Please!”- for most people politeness and pleasantries come automatically, for some people they come as an annoying task yet the words will be forced through their lips, some people don’t acknowledge the simple words used for gratitude but they are A-holes anyway- can’t change them! Just gotta deal with it.

What makes me furious is the simple fact that some people have something broken in their “brainal” wiring system. That’s the only thing I can think of to explain their outrageous littering habit!

I have seen babies’ nappies thrown about in a parking lot- really? This is the kind of person you are? A mother? A father? Really? This is the example you want to set for your children? Do they not care what kind of a world they are creating for their own offsprings?

I see plastic bottles in the lovely green bushes by the side of the road and well- countless amount of stuff and materials thrown about, out the windows from a speeding car, over one’s  shoulder, because who gives a flying, right?

Anyway, I don’t want t0 go into a total rant because if you have eyes, then you can see the rubbish, the trash, the litter all on your own. If you’re one of those that can’t clean up after themselves after a picnic on a beach/in a forest then- *%£*^£b*&!!!!

One name- David Sedaris!

He is rich, he doesn’t need to go out and do anything. He could have maids bringing him cups of tea and he could buy a one way ticket to Mars and laugh an evil chuckle as he watches us drowning in our own scum from space, BUT- David cleans the streets! Voluntarily! He picks up the shit that every other worthless human throws on the ground. I salute you David Sedaris! Please clone yourself like times Million!

Yes, some people look at street-cleaners as the bottom-feeders of society, because “What kind of a job is that? Ew!”, right? Well, I think – They are better than any of us, turning the damage we make into as small an effect on the Planet as possible. They deserve a medal.

I know my conscience is clean- I do not throw stuff on the ground, I try and consume as little as I can (meaning I don’t go shopping for a new phone every time an upgrade is out, I don’t shop for clothes every time I get paid and if I do shop for clothes I try and go second hand), I recycle my rubbish and even though I have a long way to go, I try and re-use.. or well, Himself is- all those cartons and tins are great for nuts and bolts it turns out 🙂

I turn to you, humans! Please, I beg you, don’t be an ignorant shithead and don’t litter the parking lots with diapers, don’t throw your rubbish into the woods, don’t over-consume. Before you go buying 100 pairs of shoes and 325 hand- and/or shopping- bags, think- do you really need them? Picture a lovely meadow with flowers and grass and every little insect and cute bumblebees and funky birds. Now picture how under this greenery in the soil lies millions of tons of material matter, most of which is totally ready for a second round of use or totally recyclable in other ways. Do you want to contribute to this underground mountain of waste?

During difficult times in our lives we are advised to turn our attention to the simple things in life, such as the nature, the sheer beauty of it. The sunsets, the lakes, the seas, the skies, the parks, the green fields, the animals. We all have those times when we need to reconnect with the earth to feel human again. For this reason, let us not place plastic bottle on top of a flower, a shopping trolley into the beautiful river (because it’s so fun when drunk), a McDonald’s food wrapper into the sand on the most beautiful beach. Let us magic some energy into us and take those few extra steps to use a bin! “But there is no bin!” you say? Then take the rubbish with you and dispose of it when you will come across a bin or take it home with you and recycle.