Treat ’em mean to keep ’em keen!

Women- always responsible for the majority of life’s little processes yet always so undervalued and kept at a safe distance. I am not talking about love-life. That’s everyone’s own business. I am talking about work. Turns out, as I read from yet another Guardian article, that 40% of managers would not hire younger women fit for childbirth to avoid the maternity leave pay.

So, basically reading this article the trend seems to be that younger men are preferred over young women who are fit to carry children so as to avoid paying the maternity leave. OK- fair enough, but there’s a problem, you see. The problem is that older women are also not easily hired. Because, well, they’re old and not sporting a mop of blond hair, body tight skin and legs that never seem to end under the mini-skirt and would look nice wrapped around… ahem…

So, why are women constantly pushed to the corner? 

Why it bothers me so much is- a LOT is constantly expected of women- not only at work but at home as well and I think women don’t always receive the credit they are worthy of. In fact, even when women give their very level best and are exhausted- more yet is expected. Simply because women are women. Women have always managed. Multitasking heroines! And then these stuck-up Bosses refuse to give work to a young person because they still ovulate? 

Funny thing is though that a lot of modern dads take leave as well to be there with their newborn baby! What happens now? Women taking maternity leave are “bad” but dads taking leave are “Aww, such a great man!” Where did the bloody difference come into play?

 Anyway- I am currently childless and knowing all this only will make me feel more guilty of having a child? Heck, I feel guilty missing a days work when the bloody fever knocked me off my feet… What are women to do? 

Should we just work and be those super fearful career women and never have any children or any family because work should come first? Or should we as women, upon deciding we love children and have children, bury the notion of ever scoring any professional achievements because, you know, kids?! 

On the other hand, if a Boss is unable to value family life then I don’t think I would like to be working for a p***k like that!


  1. Täpselt nii ongi. Kui ülemus on selline tropp, siis tuleb see kõigile teatavaks teha. Ise seal mitte töötada ja soovitada teistelgi parem koht vaadata.
    Samas see, et laps takistab tööalast karjääri või on negatiivne argument, kui kaalutakse kandidaatide sobivust, on nii eilne päev 🙂 Kui ma vaatan ka tippjuhte siin Eestis, siis märkan üha enam, et naine jätkab karjääri ka lapse kõrvalt.
    Laps on millegi uue algus, mitte olemasoleva (töö)elu lõpp.


    • No Eestis on yldse tublid inimesed. Siin iirimaal ma m2rkan, mismoodi lapse saamine on vabanduseks miks nii yht kui teist enam ei tehta, sest “pole aega” v “ei jaksa”… ma ei tea, mis ime inimesed siis Eestis on, kes jaksavad ka lapse k6rvalt. Selleks ma vist tegelt saan aru, miks siinmaal selline “hirm” on ylemustel… Arvan, et k6ik s6ltub ka kultuuri t88eetikast…


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