Oh my!!! Intense!

“Undo these chains, my friend
I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden
Perish the Sacrament
Swallow, but nothing’s forgiven
You and I can’t decide which of us was taken for granted
Make amends, some of us are destined to be outlived

Step inside, see the Devil in I
Too many times, we’ve let it come to this
Step inside, see the Devil in I
You’ll realise I’m not your Devil anymore”

The first time I listened to this new song from Slipknot (my old love!) I was rather.. meh.. about it…And let me explain why. Corey’s vocals just sounded a wee bit mellow for Slipknot, you know? Plus the official video was not yet published. The second time I listened to it I was happy I gave it another chance, because the video was there and it did give it extra substance. The third and fourth time (which is now) listening to the song is just blowing my mind… Corey sounds just right, video is … bloody! It’s rather really violent and you know what? It’s exactly the comeback Slipknot had to have after Paul’s death. I love the “clank” from the baseball bat being hit against the beer keg.

I love the new masks! I love the way the anger from the lyrics is painted into the visual. I love this song. I am glad Slipknot is back. I had become rather sad that anything new in this area of music didn’t really tickle my nerves, but good things come to those who wait! And I waited… And I received! ๐Ÿ™‚

“Devil in I” makes me want to be surrounded by big massive speakers, have this tune blasting out and mosh my brain into mush!

UPDATED: While watching the videos on Youtube I noticed a lot of angry comments from “fans” demanding to know who the new drummer and the new bassist are (well, they know now), but they literally “threatened” to boycott the album until they knew the identities. Bloody hell, man! Enjoy the music, enjoy the masks, enjoy the secrecy of it. When I first started listening to Slipknot years ago I didn’t rush to find out who were the men behind the masks. I liked the fact I didn’t know who they were. Same now- while I liked Joey behind drums, I will enjoy not knowing who the new drummer is as long as I can, because it adds! Same goes for the bassist. But that’s just me!