What do you think?
I haven’t given a lot of thought into people blogging for ARCs, whether I give a flying that they’re just blogging for ARCs or not, because it doesn’t affect me whatsoever… But maybe some of you’s agree, so I reblogged… Would be cool to see what others think and maybe help shape my mind on the matter as well…


Dear Bloggers Who Blog for ARCs,

I am so sorry.

Do you want to know why? Because I am so sorry that you fell down that dark, dark hole. I’m sorry that your apparent “love for books” isn’t strong enough to overpower your love and greediness for ARCs.

I want to let you know that there are hundreds of members in the book community that blog and spend so much time working to put posts up every week. Wait…I’m sure you do too, but do you do it to build your stats and immediately run to a publisher for an ARC? Or do you genuinely give up all of that time because you want to give it up. For the sake of your passion. 

If you honestly think you can consider yourself a book blogger who truly, honestly, genuinely loves books but yet deep down you still blog for ARCs…

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