Hello wonderful people. Today for something a bit different to books. It’s all for a bit of fun and because I love me some good old rock ‘n roll as well as metal, you can’t really blame me for wanting to put my fantasies to ‘paper’.

I was tagged for this by the wonderful La La in the Library. Go check out her blog- there’s always recs for books, giveaways and interesting life updates from La La and you’ll be in good company, that is for sure!

On to the tag! *ba dum tsss!*


What is the name of your band, or if you are a solo artist, your stage name (example: Lady Ga Ga, Snoop Dog, Puddles the Clown, etc…)?
My band name would probably be F*ck the System! because there’s nothing better than a bit of rebellion through art.
What genre or style of music are you known for?
Definitely metal. And because metal is such a wide term, I will elaborate and specify that F*ck the System! would be in the sub-genre of alternative/funk/progressive… Think the likes of System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine.
What instrument do you play or are you the lead singer?
I would definitely want to be the drummer and not only that but I’d want to be a singing drummer. That is the dream! Not just a back-singing drummer, but proper sing full vocals for 1-2 songs in set while playing drums.
If you could be the opening act for any band currently touring who would it be?
Nickelback! Hahahaha, totally kidding.
Oh that’s a tough one! I know System of a Down are out and about this year so basically they count! Also, wouldn’t mind opening for DevilDriver, Rammstein (because they pull a crowd and their show is AMAZING!) and Tool.
Who would you name as your musical inspiration? This person can be currently breathing, or not.
I feel like I should name a drummer here, but I won’t. This will probably come as a surprise but my musical inspiration in many ways is Ville Valo of HIM. First of all, the lyrics kick ass… like so much they kick ass. Second- Ville’s vocal range is TO.DIE.FOR! And I have been a fan for manymanymany years and never disliked any of their albums or songs. HIM has been a catalyst for many an interesting thought in my head and has also acted as muse. And, darn it! So many memories the songs make me want to crawl out of my skin!
Beyond Redemption – HIM
I see your scars
I know where they’re from
So sensually carved and bleeding
Until you’re dead and gone
I’ve seen it all before
Beauty and splendor torn
It’s when heaven turns to black
And hell to white
Right so wrong and wrong so right
Feel it turning your heart into stone
Feel it piercing your courageous soul
You’re beyond now- redemption
And no one’s going to catch you when you fall
I see you crawl
You can barely walk
And arms wide open
You keep on begging for more
I’ve been there before
Knocking on the same door
It’s when hate turns to love
And love to hate
Faith to doubt and doubt to faith
What special item do you ask for in your dressing room on a tour contract rider?
Ha, this is a cool question. It’s difficult in a way because unless you’re in such a situation you don’t know what you’ll miss. OK, going about it logically, I will want top quality coffee and some ice to use after a set of headbanging! You know what? A masseuse wouldn’t be too bad… muscles gonna cramp, need some rubs!
What item from home do you pack in your suitcase to take on tour?
Pictures! All and as many pictures as I can of my family… old ones, new ones, ancient ones… I need to have a reminder of where I come from and my family is just such a rock and anchor in my life I am no one without them!
What does your stage attire look like?
Not really an attire, but black cargos, converse (to kick em off easy to jam barefeet) and a tank top. NO bloody sparkly stuff anywhere! #removeglitterfromthisplanet
What backstage nickname have the roadies given you based on your personality?
Eh… I don’t know… Blackie?
That’s my nickname from the past… Blackie was a funny one because while I was called Blackie, my then roommate was called Pinkie.. I was always dressed in black, she always in pink.. one night we were walking side by side (walking, staggering, stumbling), black and pink, and there it was for the next 3 years!
Can’t think of anything else… it’s hard to analyze myself to think what would be suitable…
Ha, Stick would be cool.. you know, drummer, drumstick… and also I look like a stick as well… so yeah, sounds fitting!
Every successful rockstar has a special charity. What’s yours?
I’d want to have a few charities and they’d all be involving animals. Hedgehogs, elephants, big cats, rhinos, etc etc etc.
What is the title of your memoir going to be?
‘My drunken trip to the Dark Side!’
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