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Cover to Cover… is currently closed for review requests! 

Hi, I’m Liz, or if you’d like to call me by my real name then- Hi, I’m Liis. I’m an Estonian living in Ireland for the past.. oh… 10 years. I am a big fan of metal (music), I play drums (not a pro at it or anything), I love UFC and I love reading.

I see my books as I see my life- endless opportunities, characters to love and hate, good, evil and the in between. Blogging about books and the blogging community have educated me a lot about my reading tastes and have helped me figure out my likes and dislikes. For example, it turns out mystery isn’t really my thing.. all the cupcake murders and cake shop killers are just not that exciting for me. I also don’t like time travel for some reason.

I love reading about dark, extreme characters and settings as much as I love humor and snark. I love fantasy and psychological thrillers, I love horror and the occasional romance book. Yeah, throw some YA and non-fiction into the mix, alongside autobios and I’m happy. For me, reading as wide a variety of genres is important because it helps me take a step back and value each genre for what they are. ‘Keep my options open and don’t miss out on a gem‘ is my motto.

Substance in characters and storyline, some kind of a deeper meaning to it all and thrilling challenges beat the vain, shallow mindless reading experience in any genre. I love when a book and its message manages to bend my mind, open my eyes to something fresh and unique… mainstream doesn’t always mean best!

The purpose of Cover to Cover is to share my thoughts on the books I have read. You may also find some very interesting Author Interviews and Guest Posts when I have managed to catch the brains behind the books I love. Or maybe they have found me…

My Book Rating System:

Because Goodreads is my main hangout place for anything books I use the Goodreads star system as follows

1* Did Not Like It

2** It Was OK

3*** Liked It

4**** Really Liked It

5***** It Was Amazing

Amazon and NetGalley have different metrics/translations to their star ratings, so I will always adjust the ratings accordingly.


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