Source:  Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

***might contain some light spoilers***

God damn it!

If there is anyone I want to be able to write like it’s Mark Lawrence. Page 29 of “Prince of Fools” has already provided me with a great advice to be remembered in life-

“It’s good to steer a man in the direction they intended to go. It blurs the line between what he wants and what you want.”

I love it. I smiled. I nodded my head. Note to self!

It is always so easy to imagine the places and people of which Mark writes of. They just appear in front of my eyes so swiftly. His descriptions of places and characters is so succinct you couldn’t get a better overview from the evening news synopsis.

Before I hit page 82 I have laughed, grimaced at the mental picture around seasickness… or rather river-sickness.  Sounds like a full package already, this book! But something else forms in my head… At page 82 I have made up my mind.

I think I am falling in love with Snorri ver Snagason.


On page 229 and I haven’t had a chance to update this review because, duh!.. I was busy reading 🙂 And what a good reading it has been! 🙂 I totally love this book… I don’t want to give anything crucial away but I like how I ran into some “old” and known characters. I like how this books is giving me more and more insight into the Broken Empire trilogy which was about Jorg. It all adds up, you know?

Ahh, and I totally dislike Prince Jal. He is such a moaner and a pussy! I guess, Mark really knows how to balance a story… Maybe I wouldn’t like Snorri half as much if Jalan wouldn’t be a ginormous disappointment as a man! But see? This is what a book is supposed to make a reader feel- all of the emotions…


Sadly… I have now finished the book and… I miss it. I have one of those things you can call a book hangover. And this is a compliment to the book, to the author. Thankfully, there will be more… And while there was too much vomiting in the book for my imagination to deal with, I pushed through it and I hope that Prince Jal has a better stomach “in the future”. I kind of warmed to Jal a bit more in the end…

Mark Lawrencce should be as big a name as Rowling, Martin, King and so on… He should and I hope he will be… His books are definitely good…