Crikey! Yesterday I discovered my imagination is alive and kicking! I thought it had permanently died since turning 20 seven years ago. In a way I was slightly happy that my brain can still work miracles and make my heart beat faster, on the other hand it offered a torturous 55 minutes. They say a scare a day keeps the doctor away. I am hoping my paranoia-induced accelerated heartbeat gave me extra 2 years at least!

It happens in the car sometimes, when Himself is driving those bendy and narrow (weird to fuck) Irish roads. You just never know what or who is behind the bend (usually, a walker, a cyclist, a herd of cows crossing the road or a few stray sheep) I get nervous and I imagine every worst possible scenario.

Yesterday I had to fly. A short domestic flight from Kerry to Dublin with return. You know, the tiny airplanes with 13 rows of seats and propellers!!! Going in the morning was not bad. Weather was clear, no wind and I got to witness the loveliest sunrise above the clouds. Plus- the landing! I think it must have been the best landing I have ever experienced. Smooth as a… !

Returning from Dublin to Kerry, though. Ha! Don’t get me wrong. We weren’t doing loops in the sky or nothing. Got on the plane. A new slightly bigger one- 18 rows of seats! I sat down, to row 5 (I will never sit in row 5 again- note to self for future domestic flights) Anyways, I sat down, looked out the window and I wanted to get off straight away. I was looking straight at the propeller! I thought seeing the propeller as they hadn’t started circulating yet was scary. I was wrong.

Seeing the propeller get to work at high speed put mental images in my head Alfred Hitchcock would be jealous of! I imagined how it was going to come loose and instead of worrying of the plane going down, I worried about the gigantic SAW coming through the body of the plane and through the body of ME! Luckily it was dark outside and once in the air I couldn’t see it. What you don’t see, doesn’t exist, right? To fully get my mind off a bloody finale of my short life I made myself count out the 7 wonders of the world. Then I tried to create a pre-BC list with the help of a fellow passenger and after BC. Then it was the list of all the other cool things to see in the world in various countries and which art can be justified as art…. And then the airpockets happened. And then we landed. I really did think that because of the wind we were going to flip over as soon as we touched the tarmac- THE worst landing I had ever experienced. (Well, whadda ya know- the best and the worst in one single day!)

I think I prefer ships!