About writing a novel and getting started as an author. Ava has wow’d me with her writing skills and her personality. She will be going places… and so will her books and for that reason you want to connect with her and get to know her and read her books 🙂 Go on! You’ll only gain! 😉

Ava Bloomfield

My first author interview! Eeep!

It’s terrifying how fast this has all come around. It was only during the summer just gone that I made the massive decision to self publish my books. To me, it was like the fate of my future on my shoulders. I know, melodramatic much? But still, there I was, thinking of all those brave and passionate peeps out there who ‘go it alone’ and wondering if I’d ever pluck up the courage to do it myself.

Well, on January 6th, I made that first step. Honest is out there, and it’s being read and reviewed. More humbling than that is the fact its first review got five stars! This was from somebody who literally just loves reading and reviewing books, and after just a couple interactions on twitter, she read my entire book in just a day or so. Next thing I know, she’s…

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