*this is just something I was thinking about and is based on comments gathered from a friend based in a European country*

I can understand where the syndrome starts- one is an IT expert, playing around with difficult to follow code and creates something! I mean, literally the IT expert creates a whole new thing.. like an app, or a process, or a web based tool for everyone to use. And it’s absolutely fantastic and admirable. They are creators… like god(s)…

Fair enough!

But that doesn’t mean what they do is of more importance over every other cog in the business. Comments like “I’m going to go do the real work, while you’re messing around on a marketing meeting” and “Everyone has their tasks, yes? Good!” (directed to other IT people), “And you- have fun!” (directed to non-IT person)

Wait, what?

Isn’t selling real work? Isn’t marketing real work? How exactly do IT experts, who deal out comments like that, expect their product gets out there, the brand built and sold? How do they expect their wages get paid? No, the magical fairy dust in between tags and semicolons doesn’t create money. Last time I checked anyway.