We grab books to read, or discard them to not read, for many reasons. Those reasons don’t always make a lot of sense. If one is generally comfortable with and influenced by following the masses then the chances are so are their reading choices.

I’m not claiming I’m safe from this fabulous fad. Here are the silly reasons I read or didn’t read books.

1. I started reading a book because someone I look up to loved it. Turns out, I hate the book but am too stubborn to quit reading. *sigh*

2. I categorically refuse (this phrase might only make sense in Estonian, sorry) to read a book when everyone, and I mean the whole world of everyone, is creating a hype about it. Why? Because what masses usually worship is quite shallow. (Like Harry Potter for example and I am totally fine with missing out should that be the case)

3. I haven’t read a book in public because I was ashamed of people seeing me reading that specific book. (like “Twilight” for example)

4. I have read a few books in total secrecy in between four walls without a single witness because I was worried what they might think of me (like “The Satanic Bible” for example)

5. I have chosen to read a number of books, because they’re supposed to make you feel intellectual. Wrong!… Nice try! I swear some smart books are really great because they really do enlighten, but some books make me feel even more dumb and dumber!

6. The Classics! Everyone feels they should read the main classics and love them. Wrong again. (Amid my sighing female friends I must be the only one who doesn’t like “Pride and Prejudice”. Uh-oh.. I hope that doesn’t make me a horrible person?)

7. I have started reading a book because I wanted to have something better to say about it that my friends/fellow readers. example: Person-Friend A disliked Book X and I just pick it up, read it and even though I disliked it as well, I try and find something positive to say because that way we can argue! “Dig!” 🙂

Sounds familiar?