I think I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by this novel. I was a bit worried I was picking up another “housewife-steamroller” and I did but with a different and more cleaner background.

The series has 4 books and Seven Days of Friday is book 1. I really suggest this book if you have a seriously boring life because you can get all the drama you need from this little baby. We’re talking about arranged marriages, self-harming teenager who at the tender age of 15 ends up wanting to say “No!” no a hot Greek guy but doesn’t and husband who was actually… different… and the mothers and mother-in-laws with their families who could drive any sane person into the brink of insanity. If this book was real life and I was Vivi (the MC) I would have started tearing my hair out after week 1 in Greece and begged for the Hellhounds to come and fetch me. Because Hell sounds like a pretty peaceful place compared to the village she landed in.

I was eyeballs-deep in the soap opera which was an agonizing yet quite an entertaining read but I think before I pick up the next book in the series I need a loooong-looong break. There’s only so much drama and batsh*tcrazy mamas one can take in one dose.

My Goodreads rating: **** stars