I’m excited. Lately I have come across characters who I really wish were my real friends in my real life. I call it a coincidence but the two characters I have in mind at the moment are both male.

Recently I finished a brilliant 3-book series- The Frank Friendship Series. And if you’ve hung around my blog at all recently you already know I just love Frank! You’re in for a treat as well as you can sign up on the author page HERE and get the first 2 books for FREE!

And now- Hearst! Hearst and Frank would make great friends! Frank has thee intuition and Hearst has the supplies! they would freaking rock any mystery, crime novel six ways to Sunday!

A bit about the book itself– I really really enjoyed it!

Obviously I loved Hearst’s character as I mentioned above- he has some personal family-life issues and because of that he hides himself under a cover of a goth, dressing black-on-black-on-black and sporting a ridiculous amount of piercings. How could I not love this character? =) and his name gives way to a number of hilarious nicknames. One of my fav’s being “Hearse”.

I loved Townsey as well- that girl has character, energy and her heart in the right place.

I liked Townsey’s and Hearst’s friendship- very warm, cuddly and innocent. They are both quite mature in how they deal with life and I absolutely loved the banter in between them. It had me grinning non-stop.

The storyline itself is around the private investigation business which Townsey’s brother is running. As the brother is having a hard time and a lot of work, Townsey decides to help her brother behind his back and she ends up with a case of a battered woman who has 2 young children and needs to escape her abusive boyfriend. There is of course more to the story but well, I’m not here to re-write the book for you. In additon to that there is a lot going on with Townsey’s friends Liz and Felicity, and we get a peek at what’s going on their school. Not to worry- it’s not highly mushy teenagery stuff. It’s all quite balanced and enjoyable 🙂

By the looks of it the next book in the series is out some time in 2016 and yeah… I can’t wait 🙂

Make sure you check out Frank and Hearst!