The 5 series bundle of 600 something pages…“Reckless”… I read it…

FYI- majority of the feedback on Goodreads is positive, so have a go and make up your own mind! πŸ™‚

I have said it before and I will say it again- I do not know why I bother with romances anymore. I mean, I don’t need the steam. They are all the same. There’s either a feisty, spunky female character with a feisty, spunky male character, or a scared-to-death-of-everything pussy of a woman (pun not intended) with a feisty, spunky male character. At some stage she is confused, actually, confused all the time. And because of her insecurities she thinks he is cheating all the time and packs all her bags and runs away to the other end of the US of A without letting the mister explain that the woman and child he was seen with so lovingly spending time with was, in fact, his sister and niece/nephew. Well, come on! Then after months of chasing by him and months of wallowing from her. Ignored letters, ignored phone calls (even from her best friend), he comes up with some uber-romantic way to get her attention and has a chance to explain. Off to sunset together they ride. The End.


So, I pretty much just spoiled the series for you because it’s a spoiler! It is… pretty much word for word, except there’s another man involved.. yeah, I’m not going to explain any further. It would be like reading the book again.

How and ever! Why I really disliked the book?

I was disgusted with the female MC’s presumptious ideas about everything and everyone. What made it even more weird was the fact she had grown up in Seattle, where rock bands and groovy crowds frequent, plus she had this career of a journalist going on. Enigma, much?

Basically, FMC’sΒ (female main character’s) best friend likes the whole theme of rock ‘n roll and skulls (even if they are pink) and piercings so based on these few facts the FMC thinks that the best friend obviously doesn’t care for animal welfare (don’t ask! it’s in the book) as if she’s heartless for having spiky hair and for living life in the moment. The MMC (male main character) is a singer in a rock band so obviously, in FMC’s mind that made him a lying, cheating, a-hole of a man-whore with no respect towards women what-so-ever. All of this before she even knew the guy. I hated-hated-hated the presumptuous snippets. Ah, and not to mention the fact how the two met- in a coffee shop where he wanted to pay for her coffee and she flipped out because after all: “She is a strong independent woman and doesn’t need sex-on-legs rocker dude to pay for her freaking coffee”. So she creates a scene and storms out of the shop. Uhm… what?

Oh, and not to mention that FMC was this weak little lady who constantly, and I mean constantly just couldn’t shut the borderline-psychotic thought-trail off in her mind. “Why me? I can’t be a groupie! I want 2.5 children and a picket fence!” Get a back-bone, woman, will you? We all worry about things, but the relationships and how they ended and started were just too unnatural for me. I’m no Ice Queen, but I’ll be damned if I ever acted this way!

I know, I know- it’s a book and everything is possible but here I am again- slapped in my face by my own generosity of “But maybe it’s good!”… or “You don’t know until you try it!”…

I could apologize for not liking this book, I could feel bad about rating it so low… But I won’t… Because if I don’t read the books I dislike, how would I be able to recognize the really good ones?