blog award

Anne from Inked Brownies decided to send a nomination my way… One Lovely Blog Award.. I thank you, Anne!

If you, dear reader, happen to be into books, baking and reading interesting reviews, Anne’s blog is one to check out fo-sho’!

As with everything, there are rules involved…

1. Thank the nominator and link them- check!
2. List the rules and display the award- check!
3. Add seven facts about yourself- pff! This will be a task and a half…I’ll do my best to find the facts that won’t bore you into slumber.
4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them of the nomination- Changing the rules, cuz I’m a rebel! If you feel this award is something you want to participate in, knock your socks off, run around naked and do it! Just do it! (Sorry, Nike)

To the Biblical tune of The Seven Deadly Sins- this is Moi!

  1. Pride: I am immensely proud to own 2 copies of the Satanic Bible. One in Estonian, the other in English. Even though I’m not a satanist, it’s an entertaining read!
  2. Envy: I envy people who choose to live by “ignorance is bliss”.. It looks like they’re having more fun!
  3. Wrath: I can blow a casket in 0 seconds over nothing important at all. Say, when a webpage takes longer than 2 seconds to load because of ads, I should be gagged, cause I speak a lot of French. Or, when I try to open a tub of whipped cream and the lid just won’t budge- ooh, mayhem in the kitchen.
  4. Gluttony: Every time I visit home, Estonia, I overeat like a pig. Everything is so tasty! Anything from raw strawberry jam, to wild boar stew, to litres of sour cream salads, to buckets of beer, to 10 fatty grilled sandwiches a day, to … ah, you get it. Estonia=non-stop food fest for me!
  5. Lust: Keeping it PG, one of my lusts is Marilyn Manson. Like, I dream about him sometimes… Not in a creepy, clothes flying, lustful way, but my goal in this life is to go to his concert! The last dream I had about him, he asked me to give a eulogy to a hedgehog. Yup… So it was.
  6. Sloth: Sunday is my Sloth day. I do eff all else, but read and eat.
  7. Greed: This is something I have no problem with. I am not a greedy person. They do usually say that it’s the poor people that give more willingly. I grew up pretty much “hand to mouth” and during my high-school days in a boarding school saw many a time only 10 shitty cents in my wallet. No problem. Still alive, and don’t need much to survive.

It’s so typical of me to take a One Lovely Blog Award and turn it into a rather negative heap around the sins. Sigh! Had a good time though!


As I mentioned earlier in the rules- I nominate you, reader! πŸ™‚ Should the award police come and give you trouble, send them my way πŸ˜‰