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The Earth is starting to recover from the onslaught of destruction left behind by the tremors and Terrafall. William’s life is settling and he has finally found a place where he feels he belongs. With the opportunity to flourish, the Haven Development has been able to secure the future of its lands and people, bringing forth a period of peace and stability.  

Yet something sinister quakes beneath the surface, hiding in the shadows, unknown to William and the Haven Development. Not a tremor, but a new enemy who threatens to tear apart everything William and his friends have fought so hard to protect. The peace is about to fracture…

Interviewing Enya

Hi Enya, let’s talk about your debut in Fracture. Do you consider yourself a big character – what can people expect from you?

I am a ruler, a queen, so of course I am a big character! I am Enya, queen of the north, and you will all know of me very soon. I swear, you WILL know of me. Mark my words. And people can expect my divine, beautiful mercy, for all I do is blessed by God and the devil himself.

And what does an ideal world look like through your eyes?

A world that is ruled by me would be divine, and I believe this will soon come to pass. The world will be bathed in my glorious splendor, cleansed by my ruthless hands. All will bow in my presence, statues will be raised, and even God himself will shed a tear. 

Ok, sounds lovely. Let’s touch a bit of past. Have you any regrets in life?

No, to regret is to admit weakness.

And would you say you have many friends?

Why do you want to know? Are you trying to work out if I have allies? Pin-point my weak spots?

No, just trying to find out more about you as a person. Sooo, what’s your biggest fear?

I’m becoming suspicious of you…

It would be foolish of me to admit to my fears, especially when I am a powerful ruler and have enemies! What do you take me for? A Fool! However, I suppose I can reveal one, as admitting to this will never affect the flow of my rule. I may be afraid of beauty greater than my own, but I have ways of dealing with this… You see, when I encounter the most beautiful, I rip their faces apart. No beauty is greater than mine in my kingdom, and soon, the world!

Oh, you sure are as ambitious as you are beautiful. What do you like best about yourself?

My beauty.

Of course! What do you dislike most about people around you?

I dislike their mistakes, and when they do make them, I deal with them in the most appropriate manner. They are granted death.

That’s quite drastic! Are you an emotional person?

Of course, aren’t we all? What a terribly pointless question! See, you’ve enraged me! That is an emotion, so therefore I am emotional. 

Ok, OK… How about, what makes you laugh?

Your questions. They are pitiful and I grow weary of answering them.

Fair enough. I apologize. Here’s the last question- Who’s your favourite person?

Myself. No one is greater than I. Now leave me in peace before I slice off a finger or two, or maybe even cut out your tongue!

Right, right! Thanks, Enya. Look forward to reading about you in Fracture!


Oh my, well, as you can see… Enya is intense. This interview was tense! I am currently in the process of reading Fracture, so stay tuned for my review. I will be able to give you a further look into who our beautiful villain really is.

Until then, however, Tremor (Book 1) is currently available FREE… Find links below.

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Ryan Mark lives in the rural county of Cumbria, on the outskirts of the Lake District. He is the author of The Tremor Cycle, a Dystopian series that takes place in a world devastated by war. His published works to date include: Tremor (2014), and its sequel, Fracture (2015). Ryan has worked within the education sector for several years, with his most recent position being in a pre-school, caring for children before they take their first big leap into primary school.