[Review] Fracture (Book 2 of Tremor Cycle) by Ryan Mark

After a pretty epic win over Terrafall, the people and the land are healing themselves and each other. Sure enough, when you think life goes on with unicorns and butterflies after defeating an evil corporation, think again. Corporations tend to have tentacles hidden in the sidelines waiting for their chance. In this case the tentacle is named Enya. A beautiful evil villain.

Fracture comes with a new set of challenges, a few new characters and pretty awesome action. We follow William, Fear and Tripp as they fight for their lives and sanity. The world and environment in this book is wonderfully built and easy to imagine.

Some bad surprises and good surprises are ingredients of a gripping book and there’s no shortage of these in Fracture.

What I most pondered on while reading this book, was the fact how the main characters are so beautifully kind and humane. How they constantly fight for their personal souls and survival. I immensely enjoyed the little snippets of real life, or in the book’s case- past life, that helps the reader really see the value of what has been missing and newly found. Like the presence of music!

I also need to mention the villain Enya, of course… She’s no earthquake, she’s no Terrafall, but she is cray-cray. I am guessing a serious dose of narcissistic “Me-me-me”-syndrome! In case you missed it, I had the pleasure to interview Enya. Glad I escaped that experience without getting my pretty face mauled! I gotta give it to her though… while she has no sympathy for human life, she seems to miraculously have a heart for dogs. What an enigma!

The characters of this series have been through so much. They’ve worked so hard and not given up on life and humanity. I look forward to the next instalment to see where they go after Terrafall and Enya.

A big thank you to Ryan for sending me a copy of his book! Keep writing, you’re on to something 😉

Tremor on Goodreads —- Amazon UKAmazon USA

Fracture on GoodreadsAmazon UKAmazon USA

Ryan on Twitter



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