27281680Poetry! Before I say anything about this collection, a-to-b-point poetry I need to confess I have not had any, and I repeat ANY, poems before my eyes for a loooong, looooong time. I used to read poetry a lot, I used to write poetry, I used to perform poetry. But… It hasn’t happened for a while. I also don’t know anything about poetry that poets would know- the various structures, the various styles… I just know there is poetry, and I know there are haikus. That’s all. So, going into reading this collection and trying to review it is a challenge and a half. And then some!

On Goodreads it says:

It touches on culture and politics among other things, and has a delightful degree of disorientation. Glimpses of terrible and glorious things litter this manuscript, interspersed with gems of lines holding it all together.

A delightful degree of disorientation is a perfect way to describe this collection of poems. There were some poems I liked, there were some I could not make head nor tail out of, there were some I interpreted to myself in a way I thought felt right and I have a feeling I misinterpreted a lot. You see, poetry is like a cryptic message. You read between the lines, you try to find clues, meanings, parallel ties. It often happens a poem can be understood in many ways through different sets of eyes. Yet, this particular collection, I found interesting. There were words used I had to grab the dictionary for, there was a sort of whirlwind about every single line. I also noticed that certain words and.. shall I say, symbols, were quite interesting and more than once used, which give the poet a style. Their own style.

I must say, I enjoyed taking a glimpse into poetry again. To me, it’s like solving crosswords. They make me think, trying to figure out what is the real message, in between the lines. I am quite positive I will read those again, just to see if I can see a different hidden message.

Thank you Cooper Dozier for providing me a copy!