Random Man by Layden Robinson

252973117 colorful tales driven by graphic intensity, horror, erotica and dark fantasy.

Well, well, well… After reading “Breathe” by Mr Robinson (which I liked) “Random Man” – a collection of 7 tales outdid “Breathe” for me. More horror, more creepiness, more “I sold my soul to the devil”, more “I’m friggin hallucinating”.

I was laughing, I was disgusted, I was excited because there are, to me, plenty of read in between the lines kind of dark activity.

Very outspoken and imaginative, Layden Robinson definitely has a theme to his stories and they appeal to me quite a lot. Not sure what that says about me πŸ˜€ I need to mention that I love Robinson’s writing and in a way it came across refreshing- there are no limits or boundaries to what’s written down- everything is the way it is and while something’s are fantasy, they are also in parallel with reality.

“Random Man” has slightly more erotic tones to it, but nothing drawn out and in porn-like detail. The erotic tones are more lyrical?! Strange right?

There is some “bad language” which I don’t mind, but for those who do- don’t read it. There are a few F’s, C’s and C’s πŸ˜‰

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