Honest Reviews

Thoughts on writing honest reviews…

Inked Brownies

I came across this article on Book Riot today while I was already thinking about writing a post on this ‘issue’ myself somewhere this week.

While I have no problem whatsoever when it comes to giving a book from a firmly established author a 1-star rating, I do notice I tend to go easier on self-published authors. Mind you, I will still always give an honest review, but just tend to tone it down a notch when it comes to the criticism. I also feel way more guilt-ridden when I’m the first person to leave a review of a book on Amazon or Goodreads and it turns out to be a 1- or 2-starred rating for me. It won’t exactly leave an enticing invitation to potential customers…
On the other hand, I always hope it encourages the particular author to look critically at his or her work again and maybe…

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