Just to let you all know, because ya’ll probably fear the worst, I am not dead, nor have I fallen off the face of the Earth. The busyness at work I had predicted for March has finally caught up to me and I am simply just up to my eyeballs with:

  • Customer Care
  • Marketing: sorting out new website, creating docs, case studies, editing videos (which takes forever and day!)
  • Admin tasks: matching people’s diaries, sorting out logistics, booking flights/hotels/trains/cars.
  • meetings after meetings after meetings…

I’m shagged! So- reading? I truly do try… Usually what happens is me getting home from work, trying to think what to make for dinner, making dinner. Before I know it it’s 9PM. By 10 I am in bed trying to read but I always fall asleep. I should probably get some vitamins… or cocaine! JK.

Today, at work, the unexpected happened… We have a couple of fire extinguishers in the hall. The hall is like a greenhouse because it’s all glass and it gets super warm in there… I was just about to enter the office from the hall when the biggest freaking explosion happened.ย The lads, of course, were laughing, cause I did this massive tumble through the office door, with a frantic look, yelling “What the fuck is this?” I swear, at first I thought the underfloor pipes connected to the toilets just decided to say “Enough is enough” and enter this world with a proper shitshower. Darn did I have quick thinking, I just backhanded the office door closed behind me with such a bang to protect myself from said possible shitshower that I nearly gave the office a new revolving door. Luckily a poopstorm wasn’t the case. The sun had been gradually heating up the extinguisher and it decided to pop. Talk about a fright!

And here’s a moral of the story- keep the fire extinguishers out of sunlight!

Next reviews coming up are Landquaker by Dean F Wilson and Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern. FYI- Landquaker is freshly published and Daddy Dearest is currently available for pre-order prior to publishing date on the 1st of June.