I first read the court transcripts in Estonian. They are now also translated to English which I wanted to share with you here. The case is quite serious- Kaur Kender is blamed in child pornography. He was sent to a psychologist. Honestly- I haven’t heard any further action, but there probably will be more.

I have not read the book myself so I would not know how to comment or guide you further. But take a look at the little info below and if you’re interested, read the transcripts. Note: The comments by the Judge are quite baffling at times!


An Estonian author Kaur Kender was taken to court for his book UNTITLED 12. The book blurb is as follows:

UNTITLED 12 is Kaur Kender’s 10th novel. Scratching, cruel, relentless, ruthless satire of Eastern European fascist porn addicted society, where rich ethnical Estonians can do whatever they please to whomever they want. Published in Estonia in 2014 UNTITLED 12 quickly became the most notorious and controversial literary work ever written in Estonian. Transgressive and horrific, it never pretends to offer more than the detached surgical observation of sick characters in the cynical, cold, hopeless world. Enjoy the tour in hell known as Eastern Europe.

By the blurb it looks like a tongue in cheek, brutal and raw series of events. I have read a couple of books in the past by Kender and he can be quite… over the top. To be honest, I still don’t know what to make of the man himself. He can come across vulgar, arrogant and very outspoken… But is there a law that says he can’t be just that?

Here are the links:

Needless to say, Kender himself makes good points and claims throughout he was writing a horror story and to create horror in the reader, you need to be blunt. Are there limits to what authors can or can’t write? Is there a limit to art?