So, this happened… I mean, the new site design on Goodreads. So what if it’s clearly stated that it’s in beta version (meaning changes are still on progress and will be implemented) and suggestions are welcome on how to make it better? So what? I read everyone’s comments and I’m so freaking amused… You see, every single time there is a change on Goodreads it’s like some one left the door open to a madhouse and a legion of rabid dogs is let loose… The moans, the groans. The hate, lads, it is just pouring in…

Relax people… you’re being asked for suggestions, take note- the site is in beta version and rather than start a childish tantrum of how your life is now made so difficult, by a book site mind (?), because you don’t see a button there, is just… as I said, amusing.

So, I was scrolling through the comments and there are these poor Customer Care people who try to keep on top of things and stay polite, I do not envy them, for sure, and someone had said that they sent in their suggestions “yesterday” and nothing was taken into account. Then there’s the poor Customer service lady that has to remind the IT illiterate people that, hey- developing takes a bit of time. It’s really not just a case of writing simple html, as one does on WordPress, and hey presto! Don’t forget about all the scripts, patches, testing, etc etc etc… Developers are a bit like superhumans, because they need to think logically if and when the changes they make have an impact on another piece of code or string… The Goodreads database is humongous I presume, so try and sit down yourself for a full day and read code… It’ll make you go starry eyed after staring stuff that looks like flea shit. And try to find a flipping missing comma, semicolon or a < or a / in there.. go on! 😀

Anyway… I just wanted to really write how I find certain attacking comments absolutely juvenile… And, yes, people are allowed to voice their opinions, but when you can clearly see that the site is in beta and suggestions are welcome, then why can’t we voice our suggestions without making it sound as if Goodreads took away your whole month worth of food allowance and screwed your relative in the process? Sometimes the way you write a sentence makes a big difference to how other people perceive it… we are not face to face in a room where our body language and tone of voice can clearly state the status of our moods. Hence, writing something like, “I want to turn off the recommendations because they annoy me and you’re just making money for Amazon!!!” seems like double edged sword to me… first of all, we’re on a book site so recommendations are a logical capability to have, whether you buy it or not is your own business. Second of all- even if they are trying to make money, so what? Isn’t this what the whole world is about?

If we’re all so passionate about someone making money then how about we turn our attentions to the real financial system and pick out the faults in there? Aye, I’m going off topic… 🙂

Anyway… amused! 🙂