221580531The moral of the story to take away from this book is good. Never put a person on a pedestal if you don’t know them and if you don’t know them, don’t judge them either.

From the moment Amanda Perkins first laid eyes on Bachelor Number Five on her favorite dating show, she knew it was love at first sight.

Handsome, smart and kind, Grant Hutchinson is everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man. The problem? She’s not a contestant. And she lives halfway across the country. These small details aren’t about to stop Amanda, who will do whatever it takes to win her man.

This was a superquick read and rather entertaining as well. I was hesitant at first to accept this book from Kenneth as I warned him that I usually rip romances into bits. He said he’d take his chances! Thanks Kenneth! I ended up enjoying the book πŸ™‚

So, was there anything wrong with this book? Probably not. It makes a perfect read for the ladies. A small town girl pining for a boyfriend becomes infatuated with a guy on a dating show.She ups and and quits her job and moves across the country to change her life into something worth living for and even though she keeps saying she didn’t move to meet B Nr 5, she does become a bit stalkerish. Amanda meets a lot of new people and her new life will take off in unexpected directions. Yes, I know, this sounds like a disaster, but it was really entertaining to read. I wasn’t really rooting for Amanda, but rather I wanted to see where the trainwreck ended up coming to a stop.

Amanda, to me, came across as naive and a bit obsessive but I am sure what with the new life in LA, she’ll cop on a bit. Sure, it was her small town girl awkwardness and innocence that appealed to one of the men in the book but my god, she was a hopeless romantic when it came to love. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but the girl was obviously delusional and had watched too many Disney princesses ending up happily ever after.

In parts there was too much detail written into the story, the aul “she walked to the car, out her hand in the bag, fished around for the carkeys, found them at the bottom, opened the car door and drove home” kind of thing (not a direct quote from the book, just an example). But as the story moved on, the author seemed to get his footing a bit better. With more action the need to explain every single thing seemed to fall to the background and that was great.

Even though Amanda and Lauren (Amanda’s new flatmate) end up “fixed”, they did leave a sour feeling for me through the rest of the book. Women, are we really this daft? All we are after is a rich sexy boyfriend, a house in the suburbs, get some kids, adopt a labrador and we’d be sorted? Knock-knock! Hello, this is real life!

My rating: 3*** (I Liked it)- It was lighthearted, not too much drama but just enough, plenty of action to keep the interest levels up and some funny bits too. Girls, have a read at this.

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