30831052Niri wakes up in a beautiful garden, and finds that she has no memories. She is sure she will spend the remainder of her days there, until an unknown friend comes to her aide and reveals the truth about her personal paradise. Discovering that she is Wicca, she embarks on a journey to learn about her powers, the extent of which surprises her at every turn. She must ultimately retrieve her memories and help the higher order of witches imprison the Wicca who stole her memories before she takes kingdom for herself. A mighty task for a woman of only twenty.


Niri is a 20 y/o Princess and has very nice and lovableย  Royal family members. Younger sister Isabelle is 16 and the King and Queen are just a picture perfect fairytale come true. The story has elements of magic. Royal Court has always been assisted by a Wicca who’s chosen by the Coven and as a bonus, the story has dragons. I liked Arach the dragon. Reserved and grumpy but totally cute.

While the plot was holeless (I know, leave me at it, it’s a word!) and the characters entirely developed I would have liked to have more pace and race. The writing has no flaws, but there was a lot of description, inner dialogue and turmoil on Niri’s part. I guess, a very coming of age feeling about it really. Niri finds herself in a rather strange situation, with no memories and as a reader you’ll be taken on a path of finding out exactly what happened, where her memories are, standing up to the antagonist and making a huge decision with a neat little twist in the ending. I liked it. I really liked the ending. Talking about the villain… I think, all in all I find the villain the most developed character in the book. Their past, present and decision making process is very clear and there will be no question what-so-ever as to why the villain is doing what they’re doing. I like a character that gives me mixed emotions- while they’re the bad guy, I can still understand where they’re coming from and it’s a great dilemma to have as a reader.

I don’t know what to tell you guys. It was a really nice book but I felt a bit underwhelmed. I don’t want to start comparing books here but I’ve read some mighty stuff over time and I am starting to realize, more and more so, that when I read I need things to be explosive. Like so explosive I cannot believe my eyes at the stuff I’m reading. My life is just so freaking boring and routine that when I read I want to be stirred, shaken and stunned. I recognize that not every book can do that for me, and every book shouldn’t. It just tells me I’m starting to develop a set taste for certain genres.

So to be fair, I need to separate my personal preference and give credit where credit is due. Oasis in the Clouds is a solid YA fantasy book. It’s entirely safe and adventurous for the younger ones and I appreciate the skill and thought that needs to be considered when writing for a certain audience. And for the intended audience it’s a perfect book. No swearing, no graphic scenes, a bit of young love and quite a bit of food for thought. Niri could be a perfect role model when thinking about consideration and of respect, values and determination.

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 3 ***- I liked it. And I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend this bookย  for an adventurous, mystical experience for readers who like comfort and safe reading.