This week is a proper pain.  I usually try to keep the moaning to a minimum but I have serious withdrawals from not being able to read. And I wanted to spam you all with my first world problems!

Reading is a hobby, but it takes quite a high position in my priority list. And yet, it just can’t be a priority from time to time…

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The past week has been a serious enemy for reading. During the weekend I was hell-bent on getting my presentation finished for the 2.5 day work meeting. Sunday night at 10PM I was staring at the PowerPoint, giving it exactly 9217454 more attempts at trying to come across knowledgeable before I gave up and said- sure, look it, keep it short and sweet. Wing it, lie, fill in the gaps with imaginary statistics… Nah, I’m kidding… I’m too anal to lie and waffle. In fact, I’m too anal to work in marketing I think… anyway!

Monday rolled around, all staff came together and it was a helluva session. Unfortunately, by Tuesday evening I was ‘shagged’ and shivering non-stop. I declined the second night out with my colleagues and decided to go home, curl up and read a book. Did not happen. I got home, dug out the bodywarmers from Husband’s biking gear, wore a bathrobe on top of the warmers and tried to sleep. It took me 2 hours to thaw out completely. I hate colds. What a waste of time they are!

Nonetheless, I dragged myself to work on Wednesday… only to call it a day at noon again. I hate being weak…  I stocked up on Orange Juice (Vit C) and a bottle of chewable Echinacea tablets because I refused to miss a late evening meeting with an international client. I just powered through, thinking- Come Thursday 6PM, I will be catching up on the ‘currently reading’ book and read like a mahfah and all is right in the world again.

Heh. Wrong! I have another late evening meeting tonight and it makes me weep. All the blogs that I follow have been packing up some serious content into my inbox and while I keep an eye on everything that you lovely bookbloggers deliver, I decided to be efficient with my time so I haven’t been interacting much. Apologies.

I am still reading ‘Melody’s Key’ by Dallas Coryell… about 50% in, or so… very broody, very romantic…. ooOOOoOOOh! 😉