This week is a proper pain.  I usually try to keep the moaning to a minimum but I have serious withdrawals from not being able to read. And I wanted to spam you all with my first world problems!

Reading is a hobby, but it takes quite a high position in my priority list. And yet, it just can’t be a priority from time to time…

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The past week has been a serious enemy for reading. During the weekend I was hell-bent on getting my presentation finished for the 2.5 day work meeting. Sunday night at 10PM I was staring at the PowerPoint, giving it exactly 9217454 more attempts at trying to come across knowledgeable before I gave up and said- sure, look it, keep it short and sweet. Wing it, lie, fill in the gaps with imaginary statistics… Nah, I’m kidding… I’m too anal to lie and waffle. In fact, I’m too anal to work in marketing I think… anyway!

Monday rolled around, all staff came together and it was a helluva session. Unfortunately, by Tuesday evening I was ‘shagged’ and shivering non-stop. I declined the second night out with my colleagues and decided to go home, curl up and read a book. Did not happen. I got home, dug out the bodywarmers from Husband’s biking gear, wore a bathrobe on top of the warmers and tried to sleep. It took me 2 hours to thaw out completely. I hate colds. What a waste of time they are!

Nonetheless, I dragged myself to work on Wednesday… only to call it a day at noon again. I hate being weak…  I stocked up on Orange Juice (Vit C) and a bottle of chewable Echinacea tablets because I refused to miss a late evening meeting with an international client. I just powered through, thinking- Come Thursday 6PM, I will be catching up on the ‘currently reading’ book and read like a mahfah and all is right in the world again.

Heh. Wrong! I have another late evening meeting tonight and it makes me weep. All the blogs that I follow have been packing up some serious content into my inbox and while I keep an eye on everything that you lovely bookbloggers deliver, I decided to be efficient with my time so I haven’t been interacting much. Apologies.

I am still reading ‘Melody’s Key’ by Dallas Coryell… about 50% in, or so… very broody, very romantic…. ooOOOoOOOh! 😉





  1. I’ve noticed that the whole interacting in the blogosphere has become so much better, yet at the same time, incredibly time-consuming as well! The more awesome blogs I start following, the more it piles up. So here I thought it was just me, while I see people with a 40-hour job commenting andreading like a cannonball at the same time, but it clearly isn’t? 🙂 I only managed to read at my usual rate when I was on a hiatus! So taking a break is good! Especially when you already have a busy job AND a shitty cold. (go for 100mg of zinc a day when you feel your next cold coming on. It’s been scientifically proven to work unlike vitamin C, which doesn’t do a damn thing if you’ve already caught the virus!). Go easy on yourself before you burn out, we’ll all still be here and stuff! 🙂 Plus, you’ll always be my #1 blogger <3.

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    • Yeah, too many awesome bloggers out there and love needs t be given to all 🙂
      Thanks, yes, I’ve seen zinc stuff… I’ve just never taken that approach and I probably should. I’ve always been the vit c+echinacea+sleep consumer 🙂 will put zinc on my next health food shopping list tho!
      eh, I don’t need tp be #1, especially when there are way cooler people out there 😀 If I make it to the top25 that would be pretty neat XD

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      • I can barely make time for hubby and my pets tbh! XD I used the echinacea + vit c approach at first as well. and though it’s a lot better (if only even as a placebo effect) than doing nothing for it, the zinc tablets really helped at reducing my random outbursts of cough town. Well, you are, so suck it up <3.

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        • I gotta admit- Im very superbad at taking any sort of medications or vitamins. Kind of like keeping up with the body lotions and creams. The intent is there and I often get the required ‘gear’ but I never get into the habit of using. So, unless i’m completely dying, I usually just ride it out…
          aww, poor hubby! once realizes and voices the neglect he feels you have a lot of making up to do 😉
          On a more serious note tho- I hope you’re hanging in there and sending some positive vibes to you and your family!

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          • Ugh body lotions and creams. Ain’t nobody got time for that! xD Riding it out, damn girl, you’re a rough diamond! (if that’s an expression and not an insult in English!)
            Once I see some divorce papers, it’s time to clean up my act. Until then: \õ/… ;). JK, I try to give him quality time as much as I can! 🙂 Thank you! It’s still pretty stressful but at least my dad’s making jokes about just pissing on his hands again after they prescribed them some urea creme XD.


  2. You’ve had a super busy week. We’ll all be here when you get back to reading and writing. 🤗 I hope you’re feeling better. I noticed that some days I spend three hours just opening up posts, reading, and then commenting. It’s very time consuming to be an active blogger. It takes away from so many things we all need to do to function as normal human beings. Some days I just can’t read all the posts because I don’t have the time. I hear ya! I have one of those crazy stressful jobs that at times really sucks, so I completely get it. 🙂

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    • Yes, time consuming doesn’t even begin to cover it… it’s very enjoyable but it’s like there’s a fricking black hole swallowing hours and you don’t even notice! 🙂
      Thanks for the ‘pat on the back’ 🙂

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  3. Seems to be the season (you’d think we’d be exempt from colds in the summer, but no). Hope you feel better soon!

    I’ve found the following helpful: vitamin C and zinc disolvable tablets (you can get them cheap in Aldi), plus garlic tablets. Take them daily as part of a normal routine, but if not, at least take them if you think you feel a cold coming on, or if you can’t afford to be sick. It can also be a good idea to mix in fresh garlic with your meals.

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    • Yeah, all the guys in my office are quite down and out as well with head colds. Yuk 😀
      Thanks for the tips and well wishes. I think I was mainly broken down after major work related pressure and just needed to hit the ‘restart’ button, so I’m quite well after the weekend.
      Yeah, zinc seems to come up a lot in suggestions. I’ll defo get a patch and be prepared. With all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed… sheesh, there’s only so many pills one can pop a day! 😀
      I agree with the garlic. It’s super for many things!


  4. My parents think that I am the most unsocial person and my boyfriend must be relieved not having to conduct fruitless conversations with me when I have a book in hand. People have called me rude because I have told them to shut up while I was reading. Which polite person annoys a reader while she is visibly reading?! But sometimes life gets in the way and presentations, projects, home assignments keep me away from my books. I honestly understand your withdrawal. It is frustrating. 😦

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    • You make some valid points there by questioning politeness of people who disturb a person reading! I may use this thought quite often from now on XD
      Thanks for stopping by and look forward to reading your reviews! 🙂


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